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#WilderFuture – Waking Up the Whistlestop

“Creating a home for what Derbyshire Wildlife Trust stands for is incredibly satisfying for us.” – Kelly Herrick, Strategy & Development Director, Katapult. That’s why we are working towards a #WilderFuture.

Since The Wind in the Willows was first released as a book, back in 1908, the UK has become one of the most nature depleted places on the planet. To give you some idea of just how depleted; 97% of lowland meadows and the beautiful wildflowers, insects, mammals and birds that they supported have disappeared. That’s The Wind in the Willows characters and their homes gone.

Derbyshire is a county renowned for its beauty. With majestic rivers, striking dales, moors, wooded valleys and uplands. Derbyshire should be a county absolutely teeming with wildlife.

However, it’s not. Wildlife is in decline and year after year and once common species are becoming rarer.


We wanted to help the cause. That’s why we are proud to say we have worked with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in Waking Up the Whistlestop.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have an incredible heritage site nestled in the Derwent Valley. All they needed from us was to bring it back to life – inspiring people to connect with nature again.

The Whistlestop was a beloved, local cafe, but Derbyshire Wildlife Trust knew they could unlock more potential in this grade II listed building. Our shared goal was to revitalise the Whistlestop by creating a building full of the joy and energy of its lovely volunteers.

We worked with them on designing their new guest experience at The Whistlestop, a combined shop, cafe, and discovery centre, in Matlock Bath. We were challenged with increasing dwell time, spend per head and enhancing the experience so much that word spreads of this amazing space.

We combined discovery about the local area, railway heritage and nature, with the important educational messages and brand values of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.


It’s a place where you can easily spend a few hours with the kids, or just relax with a great coffee and a paper. It’s now a great base where the Trust can develop even more events and programs too – helping to educate the public and raise funds for important local conservation projects.

To find out more about this project make sure you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as we have a full project case study coming soon…

If you want to help create a #WilderDerbyshire for a #WilderFuture please check out the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust website where they have more information on what is being done already and how you can get involved.

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