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How to build suspense in the leisure and attractions industry

Halloween is synonymous with suspense and is embraced globally, in various different guises.

The UK market has seen as a significant increase in spending on the ‘holiday’, which shows a greater appetite for attractions and venues to host Halloween-themed events.

King of the industry in the UK is Alton Towers and their event, Scarefest. Using this event, we’ve looked at the best practices for how to build suspense in the leisure and attractions industry…


A Halloween-themed event will not suit every attraction and venue. But for those that are looking to host an event for years to come, this blog offers tricks to ensure suspense is achieved and an experience is enjoyed by all. The benefits of hosting a Halloween event?

  1. Open your venue or attractions to new markets

  2. Generate additional revenue at off-peak times

  3. ‘Thank’ your loyal customers with a VIP event

  4. Engage members of staff in a different project

  5. Create a social buzz that generates awareness

Can you afford to miss out on these benefits? The lost opportunity can be scary.

Robbie is Digital Marketing Lead at Katapult – A Creative England Top 50 company, that design themed attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors globally. Their work is enjoyed by 50 million visitors, at 81 theme parks, in 18 different countries, every year.

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