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Four Tech Trends Shaking Up Guest Experiences in 2019

This guest blog article has been written by our friends at Bouncepad, the global market leaders in tablet enclosures since 2011 who are renowned for high-quality products & excellent customer service. In this article, Bouncepad highlight the technology trends that are having the most impact on guest experiences.

Technology never stands still, and this is particularly true of the cutting edge tech aimed at transforming guest experiences. This year has already seen the increasing prevalence of tech at many of the world’s biggest events, and as guest experience technology becomes more affordable and accessible, we can expect to see new ideas changing the way we experience events even more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most inspiring innovations that are currently shaking up guest experiences. Look out for these at museums, galleries, retail spaces, visitor attractions, festivals, restaurants, concerts and hotels near you soon.

Real-time feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable for any business, but that feedback becomes more powerful when it’s provided in real-time. Of course, many customers shy away from providing feedback in person, but thanks to new software we’re starting to see in-the-moment surveys appear in many different settings.

Customers can now complete anonymous surveys via tablets and let a business know what they think with just a few clicks. iPad stands and enclosures such as the ones created by us here at Bouncepad enable businesses to turn simple tablets into business tools that instantly provide feedback to businesses, ensuring their guests’ experiences are met and exceed expectations.

New styles of communication

The decision-making process of today’s consumers is becoming increasingly complex, thanks to the growing number of communication channels available to businesses. This often means that companies need to work harder to engage with customers, conversing with them more times in order to secure a sale than they would have done just a few years ago.

This is a trend that’s sticking around, and it’s set to make waves in the world of guest experiences too. With the growing importance of omnichannel engagement and the emergence of Rich Content Texting, businesses are focusing more and more on engagement during the guest experience. This means that we can expect to see guests using their smartphones to access information in stores and at events, and businesses making use of a potentially lucrative communication channel.

The virtual concierge

Robots are here to stay, and they’re getting smarter with every passing day. In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of robots designed to enhance guest experiences, with concierge services powered by AI appearing at several hotels around the world.

Connie, a robot concierge, created for Hilton hotels, started work back in 2016 at the Hilton McLean. The robot proved an instant hit, providing guests with tips on local attractions, restaurant recommendations and directions within the hotel complex. Another human-like robot, SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper recently popped up at Munich Airport and Václav Havel Airport. This one can even take selfies with travellers.

Robots like these are by no means a novelty, and later this year we’ll see far more informative robots stealing the show at events and attractions. In fact, Gartner has gone so far as to predict that 85% of guest interactions could be managed without a human by 2020.

Facial recognition

We could soon see the end of traditional paper tickets and order confirmations, as the tech world unveils new ways of using facial recognition technology. Face scanners might soon be used to verify the identity of guests as they arrive at events, and they could also be used in retail spaces, to verify consumers’ identities enabling them to collect purchases.

The idea of face scanners instead of paper tickets or order confirmations might sound futuristic, but the technology already exists. It’s proved a success at hotels such as the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. Here, guests can verify their identity via facial scanners and pick up their room key without having to wait to speak to a member of staff.

The time-saving aspect of this technology could make it a hit with consumers, so it’s not hard to predict this soon entering into retail spaces, at events, at meetings and even on public transport.

New, emerging tech has the potential to really shake up guest experiences, and enhance the way we experience all manner of different events. Innovations such as AI, facial recognition, real-time feedback and rich content texting have huge potential for the hospitality and retail sectors. Look out for some incredible new ideas over the coming months, and get ready to meet some brilliant humanoid robots!

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