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Transforming cities with our themed attraction design expertise

It's taken less than 3 years for the vision of community interest group, Down To Earth, to manifest their vision of a nature based urban regeneration in the city of Derby, UK.

Electric Daisy launch, Katapult

Located at the heart of England and 90 minutes north of London, Derby is not only home to Katapult's HQ, but has a rich history in kickstarting revolutions that change the world forever.

  • The industrial revolution of the 18th century? Derby was home to the first factory in the world.

  • Convenient fast food at attractions and sports events? Local Harry Stevens created the hot dog and soda drinking through straws in the 1800s.

  • Moden nursing techniques using data? Derby woman Florence Nightingale led the way over 100 years ago.

  • The digital gaming world as we know it? The infamous Lara Croft was created in the city in the 1990s.

Themed attraction design expertise

Here at Katapult, we were of course excited to have the opportunity to work with Down To Earth and their partners Eden Project, to consider a green revolution - a future where our cities use nature and wildlife to regenerate, a cause that is very close to our hearts.

Eden Project and Katapult and Down To Earth Derby nature based urban regeneration

Amongst many ideas, plans and initiatives, the first to come to fruition was Electric Daisy - a community garden and concept bar promising to be the first step towards a full city nature regeneration.

Katapult concept of Electric Daisy for Down to Earth Derby

We've worked regularly with the Down To Earth and Eden Project teams to bring our themed attraction design expertise to help transform the city and key spaces. This included supporting on their inaugural destination - which we were proud to attend the launch of in June 2023.

Electric Daisy launch event with Katapult team

“We’re ecstatic with the work Katapult has put in to realise our vision of creating a world-leading city in nature-based urban regeneration. Their efforts throughout the project has allowed us to make deeper connections with businesses and residents in the city, taking us one step closer to making our vision a reality.”

Jamie Quince-Starkey, Founder Down To Earth.

So what's next?

The work doesn't stop there for Down To Earth, Eden Project or ourselves at Katapult. As part of a bigger vision for the city, we will continue to create wildlife havens, playful moments with nature, and new ways for people to connect with animals, insects, flowers and fauna for a more sustainable, green and symbiotic relationship with nature.

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