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How to terrify four generations of Halloween fans

Being scared is a human instinct, built into our DNA and altered by the things we are exposed to.

Heights, spiders, snakes, holes, blood, the dark, and even eyes get our knees trembling at Halloween – but is there a ‘trend’ of things that scare us based on our generation?!

We’ve taken a look at the four main generations of fearful fans and how their personal life and exposure to spooky stuff affects the types of Halloween events they’re looking to attend…

How to terrify four generations infographic

About the authors: Robbie is Insights Analyst Lead, and Sarah-Anne is a Concept Artist & Designer at Katapult – A Creative England Top 50 company, that design themed attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors globally. Their work is enjoyed by 50 million visitors, at 81 theme parks, in 18 different countries, every year.

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