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How to justify the value of your visitor attraction admission in times of economic pressure

The media is full of economic stories, from the rising cost of living, to product shortages and effects of conflict on world markets…

Against this backdrop of worry and confusion, how can attractions ensure they are connecting with guests on value for money? Although the joyful reunion trend is in full swing, with consumers coming back to attractions and events, there is also a pinch in many pockets.

Here’s our top 5 tips to connect to your guests, showing them why they should spend their precious money with you this season.

1 – Tell them everything

This might sound obvious, but are you telling your guests everything you have on offer? Don’t forget the view, the photo opportunities, the free parking, the proximity to a great city…

There are often simple things that can be overlooked or taken for granted when it is your own attraction. Have a good walk through and see it from the guest’s point of view. What could be a selling point that you aren’t currently aware of? The more guests feel they are getting for their ticket price, the more they perceive value for money.

2 – What are you great at?

If you already know, great! Tell your guests about it non-stop. If you need to work this out, read your reviews and see where people are singing your praises. Often what you are great at is in addition to your core offer.

You might be a great stately home and be brilliant at welcoming guests with diverse needs. You might be a fun FEC (family entertainment centre) and offer the very best coffee. You might have an incredible dining experience and offer the most amazing Instagram moments. Be explicit, tell guests about these strengths out loud, they will form part of their rationale to visit you.

3 – Give ideas away

How can guests extend or enrich their visit with you? Give them free ideas like picnic recipes, an alternative scenic route, treasure trails, the best location and time for a sunset view, or partner with another attraction, retailer or food offer. Free ideas show generosity, something guests love to see. These extra activities give guests a full day out, which can help justify choosing your attraction.

4 – Make it guilt free

When we include things like edutainment, physical activity, or community support attractions can suddenly become guilt free, and so jump up the list of possible days out. How can you inspire your guests to learn, encourage them to move or be part of something bigger than themselves? Ideas are endless, think of simple activities like planting seeds, a tots boogie club, going behind the scenes, guest speakers or storytime. When we feel vindicated by our choices we feel pleasure during and after our visit. This one can get guests coming back for more.

5 – Help them make memories

The day out is just the moment, it’s the memories that matter most. Guests want to look back on their visit and share it on their socials, so help them do that. Tell them where the best selfie spots are, help them take family photos, interact with them, and give them personal service. You don’t even have to do anything additional to your current offer, just do it really, really well. Encourage your guests to share their memories with you and re-use them to show other guests what kind of expercine they can have too.

We’re here to help

We do more than just design themed visitor attractions. Our insights and strategy team are experts in helping you make the most of your attraction, as well as supporting you in finding growth, market opportunities and on-site improvements. Speak to us today for more details.

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