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How to create an Instagram worthy venue

Being Instagrammable is now a big deal for themed attractions, location-based entertainment, retail and hospitality. But how do you go about it?

Here are some thoughts, guides and things you might not have even considered to get you started. But remember if you want to collaborate with a design team who can create one for you, then reach out to us and see how we can help.

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Creating a unique world

So you may want a branded experience, but the guest really doesn’t want to look like they visit corporate HQs on their feed. The guests want to show the world they are in the most iconic, unique, crazy, colourful, cute or scary place in the world. You have to create that.

Top tip: Think about how your brand can stretch, flex or focus to give a really specific experience. Google’s Curiosity Rooms were a huge success because it didn’t feel like Google’s HQ. They had a sense of discovery, placing hashtags in obtuse places which made it even more fun to explore.

Products and Props

People love to get hands-on, even better if they are buying your product. What exclusive or super-amazing products can you provide for people to use? Maybe you can create a trail of things for guest to find and photograph – an Instagram game.

Top tip: Think about providing something guests can’t get anywhere else. Sometimes the product is the Instagram shot. 

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Orientation and framing

People want to create the image that stands out in a feed on a smartphone. Think about the size and orientation of a feed post Vs a story. Make your background and key features fit that size and shape.

Top tip: Create the perfect ready-made orientation or frame for guests to use as their image. Think about large backgrounds of pattern and colour as well as smaller details.

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Everyone wants to look great on their Insta feed. So if you have a location lit with downlights or spotlights this might make you look a bit like a post-apocalyptic zombie… Lighting the props and the activities of the theming is great, but consider how the lighting works for taking selfies too.

Top tip: Take a selfie at some key points in your venue, if the lighting is lacking, re-aim your lights, or get your contractor/ estates manager to help remedy them. If you can design the lighting scheme along with the concept – get it right from the start.

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The ultimate thing to consider – can your visitors get online easily and quickly? This can be a challenge for outdoor or rural venues but if you want an Instagrammable location then the connectivity has to be frictionless.

Top Tip: Check the connection at your venue. If you can’t get great coverage everywhere, concentrate your Instagram worthy areas in places where you do get good coverage. Take The O2 as a perfect example, not only is the venue a hotspot for Insta-opportunities, it’s a hotspot for signal. You’re guaranteed 4G signal, or you can connect to the arena’s wi-fi.

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Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas on how you can create an Instagram worthy venue, or instead, you could contact us and see how we can make it happen.

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