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Dawn Foote joins judging panel for UK Theme Park Awards

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dawn Foote has joined the expert judging panel for this year’s UK Theme Park Awards. is an independent consumer guide to UK theme parks, with this year’s awards ceremony hosting 22 different categories; including theme park of the year, best customer service and best value.

Dawn is joined by fellow industry experts including BALPPA, and Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain, to honour the best of the industry, as well as the growing community of theme park content creators.

As part of our involvement in the awards, we will also be presenting the award for BEST DARK RIDE on Thursday 22nd September at Drayton Manor Resort. Here is the full list of Nominees.

Theme Park of the Year presented by ADIPS

  1. Alton Towers

  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  3. Chessington World of Adventures

  4. Crealy

  5. Drayton Manor

  6. Fantasy Island

  7. Flamingo Land

  8. LEGOLAND Windsor

  9. Paultons Park

  10. Thorpe Park

Best New Attraction presented by Convious

  1. ENSŌ (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  2. Evolution (Blackgang Chine)

  3. Farmyard Flyer (Paultons Park)

  4. Shipwreck Coast (Chessington World of Adventures)

  5. SIK (Flamingo Land)

  6. Sooty Land (Crealy)

  7. The Guardian (Fantasy Island)

  8. The Magical Forest (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  9. The Screature (Adventure Island)

  10. Vikings (Drayton Manor)

Best Theme Park for Families (Large) presented by Vennersys

  1. Alton Towers

  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  3. Chessington World of Adventures

  4. Drayton Manor

  5. Flamingo Land

  6. LEGOLAND Windsor

  7. Paultons Park

  8. Thorpe Park

Best Theme Park for Families (Small) presented by BoldMove Nation

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Crealy

  3. Fantasy Island

  4. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

  5. Gulliver’s Theme Parks

  6. Lightwater Valley

  7. Oakwood Theme Park

  8. Pleasurewood Hills

  9. ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

  10. Twinlakes

Best Theme Park for Toddlers presented by BALPPA

  1. Alton Towers (Cbeebies Land)

  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Nickelodeon Land)

  3. Chessington World of Adventures

  4. Crealy (Sooty Land)

  5. Drayton Manor (Thomas Land)

  6. Drusillas Park (Hello Kitty Secret Garden)

  7. Gulliver’s Theme Parks

  8. LEGOLAND Windsor (DUPLO Valley)

  9. Paultons Park (Peppa Pig World)

  10. Sundown Adventureland

Best Theme Park for Thrills presented by Guinness World Records

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Alton Towers

  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  4. Drayton Manor

  5. Fantasy Island

  6. Flamingo Land

  7. Oakwood Theme Park

  8. Thorpe Park

Best Seaside Park presented by Semnox

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Blackgang Chine

  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  4. Brean Theme Park

  5. Dreamland Margate

  6. Fantasy Island

  7. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

  8. Ocean Beach Pleasure Park

  9. Pleasurewood Hills

  10. Southport Pleasureland

Best Steel Coaster presented by the European Coaster Club

  1. ICON (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  2. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

  3. Oblivion (Alton Towers)

  4. SAW – The Ride (Thorpe Park)

  5. Shockwave (Drayton Manor)

  6. Stealth (Thorpe Park)

  7. The Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  8. The Smiler (Alton Towers)

  9. The Swarm (Thorpe Park)

  10. Vampire (Chessington World of Adventures)

Best Wooden Coaster presented by the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

  1. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  2. Blue Flyer (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  3. Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  4. Megafobia (Oakwood Theme Park)

  5. Nickelodeon Streak (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  6. Roller Coaster (Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach)

  7. Scenic Railway (Dreamland Margate)

  8. The Antelope (Gulliver’s World)

  9. Tyrolean Tubtwist (Joyland)

  10. Wicker Man (Alton Towers)

Best Dark Ride presented by Katapult

  1. Duel (Alton Towers)

  2. Flight of the Sky Lion (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  3. Gangsta Granny: The Ride (Alton Towers)

  4. Haunted House Monster Party (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  5. Hex (Alton Towers)

  6. LEGO NINJAGO The Ride (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  7. The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure (Chessington World of Adventures)

  8. Tomb Blaster (Chessington World of Adventures)

  9. Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  10. Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Best Live Entertainment presented by TAG Live

  1. ALIVE! Dinosaur Encounter (Paultons Park)

  2. A Magical Pirate Adventure (Paultons Park)

  3. Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig (Alton Towers)

  4. Hot Ice (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  5. LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  6. Return to Skeleton Bay (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  7. Pirates of Zanzibar (Flamingo Land)

  8. Sea Lion Splash (Pleasurewood Hills)

  9. The Sooty Show (Crealy)

  10. Thomas Land Show (Drayton Manor)

Best Play Experience

  1. Angry Birds Activity Park (Sundown Adventureland)

  2. Boj’s Giggly Park (West Midland Safari Park)

  3. DUPLO Valley (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  4. George’s Spaceship Playzone (Paultons Park)

  5. Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge (Alton Towers)

  6. Peter Rabbit Adventure (Flamingo Land)

  7. SPARK (Drusillas Park)

  8. The Pier (Crealy)

  9. Tidal Towers (Drayton Manor)

  10. Woody’s Cub House (Pleasurewood Hills)

Best Mascot

  1. Bradley & Belle Beaver (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  2. Buddy & Blossom Bear (Crealy)

  3. Ebor the Dragon (Lightwater Valley)

  4. Gully & Gilly Mouse (Gulliver’s Theme Parks)

  5. Mia & Mylo Meerkat (Flamingo Land)

  6. Ollie the Dragon (LEGOLAND Windsor)

  7. Rory the Lion (Drayton Manor)

  8. Scorch the Dragon (Oakwood Theme Park)

  9. Snappy the Crocodile (Adventure Island)

  10. Woody Bear (Pleasurewood Hills)

Best Historic Ride

  1. Alice Ride (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  2. Chair-O-Plane (Dreamland Margate)

  3. Derby Racer (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  4. Flying Machines (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  5. Gallopers (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  6. Ghost Train (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  7. Grand Prix (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  8. Snails (Joyland)

  9. Victorian Carousel (Crealy)

  10. Water Chute (Wicksteed Park)

Best Halloween Event presented by The Business Creative

  1. Fairground Frights (Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach)

  2. Fear Island (Fantasy Island)

  3. Fright Nights (Thorpe Park)

  4. Howl’o’ween (Chessington World of Adventures)

  5. Journey to Hell (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

  6. Pleasurewood Chills (Pleasurewood Hills)

  7. Scarefest (Alton Towers)

  8. Spooktacular (Oakwood Theme Park)

  9. Terror Island (Blackgang Chine)

  10. Xtreme Scream Park (Twinlakes)

Best Christmas Event presented by Blachere Illumination

  1. Christmas at Crealy

  2. Christmas at Paultons Park

  3. Christmas Spectacular at Sundown Adventureland

  4. LEGOLAND at Christmas

  5. Lightopia at Alton Towers

  6. Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor

  7. POLAR at Robin Hill

  8. Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park

  9. Sparkle In The Dark at ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

  10. Winter’s Tail at Chessington World of Adventures

Best Social Media Engagement presented by Convious

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Alton Towers

  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  4. Chessington World of Adventures

  5. Diggerland

  6. Drayton Manor

  7. Fantasy Island

  8. Paultons Park

  9. Pleasurewood Hills

  10. Thorpe Park

Best Customer Service presented by

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Alton Towers

  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  4. Chessington World of Adventures

  5. Drayton Manor

  6. Fantasy Island

  7. LEGOLAND Windsor

  8. Paultons Park

  9. Pleasurewood Hills

  10. Thorpe Park

Best Value

  1. Adventure Island

  2. Alton Towers

  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  4. Crealy

  5. Diggerland

  6. Drayton Manor

  7. Fantasy Island

  8. Gulliver’s Theme Parks

  9. Paultons Park

  10. Pleasurewood Hills

Blogger of the Year

  1. Chessington Buzz

  2. Coasters on the Coast

  3. Cupcakes & Coasters

  4. Lift Hills and Thrills

  5. Parks, Scares & Glitter

  6. Theme Park Guide

  7. Theme Park Insanity

  8. Thrill Nation

YouTuber of the Year

  1. Coaster Crazy

  2. DigitalDan

  3. Expedition Theme Park

  4. Eye Coaster

  5. Inversion Addicts

  6. ParkSpill

  7. Pleasure Beach Experience

  8. TheJackSilkstone

  9. Theme Park Worldwide

  10. UK Theme Parks

Instagrammer of the Year

  1. Coastertog

  2. Cupcakes & Coasters

  3. First Drop Photography

  4. Lift Hills and Launches

  5. Roller Coaster Rachel

  6. Skyline Coasters

  7. Tatts & Coasters

  8. Thrill Riders

  9. Thrill Rides Photography

  10. Town Pix

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