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Theme Park Designer Competition Winner Revealed

The winner of our kids’ Theme Park Designer Competition for 2021 is Ethan with his Volcano of Doom rollercoaster ride! Ethan was one of 1,800 children who took part in the homeschooling initiative in Spring this year and has scooped the award for his magnificent 2D and 3D design of his space-inspired coaster.

Volcano of Doom

In his own words, Ethan’s Volcano of Doom is “a fast and scary rollercoaster where guests sit on a chair with their feet dangling. It’s dark, hot and red that sees guests travelling through a volcano and erupting out of the top! Red smoke, lighting, fire, red water and projectors will be the ride’s special effects.”

“At the point of the competition, we were learning about space and that Mars has volcanos on it. So I made the whole park space-themed. The volcano was the most fun spooky ride, it would look amazing with smoke coming out the top. I love volcanos as they have been around since before dinosaurs and amazing natural design.”

Other creations

Alongside the volcano-inspired coaster, Ethan created some wonderfully innovative ideas that helped him take the crown as our competition winner. This included:

  1. A RFID wristband for entry to the ride

  2. An educational queue line, teaching guests about volcanos

  3. An automated ice cream cart designed to look like NASA’s Mars Rover

Ethan will soon receive a hamper of goodies for his submission and says that he loves theme parks. “I love rollercoasters like the vampire ride at Chessington, UK. That inspired me for my ride. Chessington is my favourite, I love the fact it has both animals and rides.”

Our runners-up

Due to the sheer amount of entries and brilliant ideas, we decided to award runner-up prizes for three other submissions. Congratulations to Rory, Lois and Maddi! Thank you to everyone that took part and sent in entries.

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