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The rise of ‘eatertainment’ and inspirational examples to try

The underground trend for ‘eatertainment’ in creative and hungry cities has reached the surface. Pushed up by an Instagram generation obsessed with foodie photos and a desire for multi-sensory immersion, the trend of ‘eatertainment’ is gathering pace quickly.

From pop-up venues and permanent places of wonder, to IP-led experiences, we’ve featured below some of the best examples getting all the plaudits.

What have they got in common? They’re fully immersive, tickle as many human sensors as possible, and are the ultimate definition of ‘eatertainment’.

IP-led experiences

Breaking Bad

Dust off your Hazmat suit, it’s time to cook up some cocktails in London.

Star Wars

Visits to the new Galaxy Edge park at Disneyland, USA, look tasty.

Peaky Blinders

Gangsters unite at one of three Peaky Blinders themed bars in the UK.

LEGO House restaurant

Use bricks to order your meal and have it delivered by ‘robots’ in the home of LEGO, Denmark.

The Cauldron

No IP attached, but a truly magical Harry Potter-inspired bar.

Permanent experiences

Punch Bowl Social

Scrummy bar and restaurant surrounded by new and traditional arcade games.


Where craft beer and mouthwatering meals, meets arcade classics.


“The most incredible mini-golf concept in the world” with dining at the heart of the experience.

Sketch London

Where art, music, dance, food and drink collide in a spectacularly beautiful setting.

The Bletchley

An immersive World War II-themed bar with coding fun with friends.

Pop-up experiences


Their ‘Chamber of Flavours’ concept takes unassuming guests on a culinary journey.

Backyard Cinema

Re-runs of classic films, in secretive surroundings and plenty of food and drink vendors.

Edible Cinema

Experience films like you never have before – through aroma, texture and taste.

Dinner is Coming

How about a Game of Thrones banquet? Theatricals and surreal settings included.

Secret Cinema

Bespoke street food, tailored into the story of a famous movie, combined with costumes for all!

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