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New Report for Middle East Visitor Attractions & Operators Released

The Katapult team has published a new report, dedicated to the Middle East leisure industry, focussed on helping visitor attractions and operators to create unique destinations.

Across the Middle East and the world, consumers are facing the same brands and experiences when they walk into shopping malls, high streets and urban environments. The new report looks at what attractions can do to be different in the market, as well as commercially successful.

The report also includes:

  1. Analysis of the global leisure industry

  2. Key changes in the local market and competition

  3. Consumer trends driving new behaviour

  4. Industry opportunities and threats


Robbie Jones is Insights Analyst Lead at Katapult. He works on providing data-driven audience and market trends, as well as operational insights, to assist the client and design team in creating immersive, commercially-successful experiences. Robbie has over 10 years’ experience in the leisure and tourism industry and has worked with iconic brands, theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor attractions around the world. He is a dedicated Board Member of his local art and cinema centre, Derby QUAD.


We create and design themed attractions that amaze and engage visitors globally. Our work is enjoyed by 50 million visitors, at 81 attractions, in 18 different countries, every year. As well as increasing guest experience, we thrive on helping you generate more income, more fans and bring the vision for your attraction to life.


  1. Forecast leisure investment

  2. Impact of brands and IPs

  3. Adult entertainment offers

  4. Family parks

  5. Full weekend resorts

  6. Giga project investment

  7. Leisure spend analysis

  8. Staycation market

  9. Repeat visit analysis

  10. Opportunities for growth

To gain analysis of the global leisure industry, key changes in local market and competition, consumer trends driving new behaviour and industry opportunity and threats, download the full report today.

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