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New dark ride concept OVERDRIVE launched with Simworx

We have teamed up with leading dynamic media-based attractions specialist, Simworx, to develop a new high-octane ride concept OVERDRIVE: Ultimate Heist.

Officially launched at this year’s IAAPA Expo Europe in London, Simworx showcased the concept on their stand with a working AGV Dark Ride unit, themed to look like a police car. Visitors to the booth were able to get a close-up look at the technology, while attendees could visualise the fully-realised attraction.


Drawing inspiration from popular driving franchises Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto and Fast and Furious, Overdrive is an IP-free attraction offering a unique take on a fan-favourite narrative.

  1. Duelling dark ride experience, roleplaying against other guests

  2. Guests have the option to be the police chase or getaway car

  3. Once boarded, guests are briefed on their chosen mission

  4. Riders navigate thruough underground tunnels and constructions sites

  5. A breakneck race down the city’s main highway begins

Technical specifications

  1. Uses Simworx’s AGV (Automated Guidance Vehicle) dark ride technology

  2. Can accommodate up to 1,100 riders per hour

  3. 10 AGV ride vehicles included

  4. 10 scenes with two possible ending scenes

  5. Scaleable experience depending on park

Gap in the market

Speaking on the unveiling of the new concept, our Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Phil Higgins, said, “Overdrive: The Ultimate Heist is a world-first, high-adrenaline, dark ride concept that takes full advantage of Simworx’s AGV system.”

“We spotted a gap in the market for a ride concept including police chases and getaway cars, tapping into the wealth of popular movie and gaming franchises. The ride system’s trackless feature, high acceleration and duelling capability will launch guests into a storyline with multiple endings – enthralling guests of all ages and enticing them back for another spin around the city.”

Unpredictable motion

“A high-speed car chase is the perfect application,” said Simworx CEO Terry Monkton “With the AGV being the fastest trackless dark ride within the themed entertainment market, acceleration was a key component to integrate and focus on when imagining the kind of story we wanted to tell.”

Simworx’s Lead Creative, Matt Clarkson, added, “We wanted to highlight the unpredictable motion of a trackless ride and how it could work in a duelling format where riders are pitted against one another as they experience multiple ride experiences and endings. The vehicles’ ability to race into a dead end and then reverse back out at high speed is just one of the highlight details that make this attraction so unique.”

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