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Nature-based city regeneration vision unveiled at IAAPA Orlando

Themed attraction and experience design company, Katapult, invited IAAPA delegates to step inside a new nature-based vision for cities, created alongside The Eden Project.

The vision is a culmination of a 12 month project, including UK charity Down To Earth, to consider what a nature-based urban regeneration of cities could look like - helping to create thriving, sustainable and regenerative local economies, that also empowers residents and communities.

The Katapult team will be showcasing one of the key destination concepts, Electric Daisy, a nature-inspired cocktail bar and cafe that also includes outdoor gardens for communities to grow produce together. Virtual reality headsets will allow IAAPA delegates to take a deep dive into the concept.

Speaking on the project, Katapult’s CEO & Co-Founder Dawn Foote said, “Our cities are facing a stark future without intervention. Online shopping, working and entertainment habits are fueling a decline in the cities we used to call our go-to destination to live, work and play.”

“Coupled with the increasing impact of climate change, we wanted to be part of a solution that puts community, creativity and nature at the heart of our future cities. We can’t wait to show IAAPA delegates a small part of this exciting vision we’ve created alongside The Eden Project and Down To Earth.”

The Katapult team was represented in Orlando by Co-Founders Dawn Foote and Phil Higgins, as well as Unreal Designer Daniel Childs, Creative Director Andy Sinclair-Harris, and Project Producer Alex Tyrrell.

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