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Katapult to Design Cartoon Network Themed Attraction In Kuwait

Katapult Cartoon Network Themed Attraction Kuwait

Katapult, the UK-based guest experience agency, is set to collaborate with Turner’s Cartoon Network and leisure and entertainment group, Future Kid, on a themed attraction in Kuwait, Middle East.

Katapult won a bid following the renewal of Cartoon Network’s licensing contract with Future Kid to design and develop a themed attraction in Kuwait.

The most popular IPs

The attraction will be launched in 2019 once Katapult design and develop the 3000sqm site. The fully themed and immersive attraction will feature a number of new and exciting experiences from dynamic simulators to physical play challenges.

The project is brought to life through Cartoon Network’s most popular IPs including Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and The Powerpuff Girls. Future Kid’s, Mr. Khalid Al-Roumi – Deputy CEO said:

“Our Cartoon Network themed attraction in Kuwait is set to bring some of the most popular IPs to Kuwait. We are delighted to be working with the Katapult team to deliver this project and we are excited to open our doors to the new attraction.”

Katapult’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Phil Higgins, said: “We are thrilled to be selected to work alongside Cartoon Network and Future Kid to design and develop the attraction. We are fully immersed with the brand, well underway and enjoying seeing how the space will be transformed.”

“As part of our design process we have introduced our VR review platform allowing clients to view live design progress – so they can be anywhere in the world but walk around the attraction as it develops – a new innovative way to showcase our vision.”

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