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Katapult and IAAPA to launch Visitor Attraction Trends 2024

For the third year running, we have team up with IAAPA to deliver our annual look at visitor attraction trends for the year ahead - led by our Insights Director, Robbie Jones.

This year's trends

Instability and insecurity have become notions that consumers are now adept at living with. Financial pressures, regional conflicts, climate disasters will be joined in 2024 by over 40 potential changes of government around the world.

Visitor attractions and experiences continue to provide escapism from the daily worrying ritual. However, with less disposable income to spend due to the cost of living pressures and higher inflation across Europe, visitor attractions will see more competition for their consumer’s money.

Against this backdrop, we will be uncovering the visitor attraction trends 2024 that will shape the experiences of the future based on key consumer habits and market changes.

About the author

Robbie is our Insights Director. He works on providing data-driven audience and market trends and operational insights, to inspire the design team to create immersive, commercially-successful experiences. Robbie has over 10 years' experience in the leisure and tourism industry and has worked with iconic brands, theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor attractions around the world.

Access 2024 visitor attraction trends

The trends for 2024 will be unveiled on an exclusive webinar, hosted by IAAPA on Monday 15th January 2024. IAAPA members can join the live stream for free.

You can also request a copy of the full report which will be released after the webinar. To register your interest in the report, click here.

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