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Have your say on brands & IPs in the leisure and attractions industry

In October 2020, we created the inaugural Katapult Brand & IP Survey dedicated to hearing the thoughts of the leisure and attractions industry on the importance of IPs. Following hundreds of responses, the key themes that came out of the research, was:

  1. 90% believe brands and IPs are going to be important to the industry over the next 5 years

  2. 59% said ‘finding the right operator’ was their biggest challenge in the industry

  3. 75% found ‘staying relevant to guests’ was the biggest challenge for existing IP attractions

Have your say

Following two years of fundamental change in the industry, we are keen to hear the thoughts of the industry on the importance of brands and IPs once more. We have created a 5-minute survey to gauge your thoughts and opinions on the subject. To take part, click the button below. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the survey to request your free copy of the survey findings later in the year.

Working with IPs

Katapult continues to be relied upon by the largest IPs in the leisure and attractions industry, to create immersive experiences and maintain high standards of creative guardianship. From full-scale family entertainment centres, to memory capture areas, we have designed it all. Take a look at our industry expertise.

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