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Giving the gift of mindfulness this World Mental Health Day 2023

Tuesday 10th October represents World Mental Health Day. Here at Katapult, we want to celebrate by raising awareness, encouraging donations and by providing a moment of midfulness for all.

The cause

World Mental Health Day is an initiative created by the Mental Health Foundation. They are working towards good mental health for all by undertaking programmes, research and public information campaigns.

The statistics

- 25% are affected by a mental health issue

- Over half of all sickness days are mental health related

- 1-in-7 experience mental health problems in the workplace

- 84% of employees do not feel able to disclose mental health issues at work

- But there's always someone to help and support

Here at Katapult

Our team and their health are everything to us. Without our team, we wouldn't be able to do the amazing themed attractions, themed resorts and experiences that wow guests all around the world. Our team took part in the colouring book themselves...

Alongside having regular one-to-ones and team catch-ups, our team can take advantage of the many benefits we offer to support their health and wellbeing, such as:

  • Flexible working hours

  • Open holiday entitlement

  • Paid sick allowance

  • Free appointments with mental health professionals

  • Free access to meditations, learning sessions and workshops

The gift of mindfulness

This World Mental Health Day, we wanted to do something more than simply raising awareness and encouraging donations. We wanted to gift people a moment of mindfulness.

We have created the Theme Park Colouring Book, a free to download colouring activity, to bring a moment of relaxation and mindfulness to your day. Perfect for both adults and children, take a step into a magical theme park land, as you colour to you heart's content!

Download the book

Colouring has been proven to relax the brain and inducing meditative state, leading to improved sleep and focus, and reducing anxiety and stress. (WebMD)

The colouring book is available to download for free, with both print-ready and digital files available for you to complete on paper or online. Enjoy!

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