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Celebrating one-year anniversary of our whiskey experience design project with Portmagee

We were proud to work alongside Portmagee Whiskey and tourism development authority Failte Ireland to create the Portmagee “Spirit of the Sea” Experience - a unique whiskey tasting experience that also combines history, adventure and a 360 immersive experience aboard a real life seine boat.

Set in purpose-built geodesic domes, the experience has quickly become a must-visit destination in the region, scoring 4.8 out-of 5 stars from tourists. Tickets range between €15-50 per person with typical experience times reaching 60-minutes.

The experience has also been welcomed by residents in County Kerry, with attendance to seasonal activities at Christmas exceeding expectations.

“We’re incredibly proud to be celebrating our one-year anniversary and have welcomed so many visitors to our new experience in that time”, Portmagee Whiskey Co-Founder, John Murphy, commented. “We set out to create a destination that would both tell the wonderful stories of our home village of Portmagee, as well as become a home for our award-winning whiskey brand. The Katapult team has been instrumental in creating an experience that reflects those exact ambitions and put us on a path for success in the future.”

As well as being lead designers on the project, we also worked on the narrative and interpretation throughout the experience, as well as creating the 360-degree immersive cinematic show. Working with local and international suppliers, Katapult also provided executive production to complete the new-build project.

Katapult’s Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Phil Higgins, said, “It has been a delight to work with the passionate Portmagee team over the last few years to make their dream a reality."

"Doing this while strict travel restrictions were in place due to the pandemic, meant we relied on our in-house 3D capabilities to both design and direct the experience that guests can see today. I’m proud of our team in creating yet another immersive experience that visitors love.”

For the one-year anniversary celebrations, Portmagee Whiskey will be hosting the annual Star Wars themed event, May The 4th Sci-Fi Film Festival. As a key filming location for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Portmagee has become a destination for fans of the franchise. The festival runs between 4th-6th May and includes a comic book convention.

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