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Katapult completes theme park ride design project with ROARR!

The Katapult team have completed work on creating the new 'Discovery Land' for a dinosaur theme park in the UK, featuring two brand new rides.

Working alongside our client ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure, we created the ride naming, guest experience and signage, utilising the existing structures and narratives of the land. The new experience was designed, installed and open to the public ahead of a busy summer season in 2023.


Travel back in time on the Swing-O-Saurus, a twist on the traditional Victorian swing boat. The ride seats 12 passengers at a time back-to-back and moves back and forth at a gentle pace that’s perfect for younger visitors.

Raptor Contraptor

Raptor Contraptor is a carousel of seats in 8 pairs giving passengers the thrill of flying like a pterodactyl: thanks to the interactive experience, riders are in full control as they swoop and fly their way through the sky.

We are theme park designers

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