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Five must-have moments in a stunning themed resort design

Here at Katapult, we have been secretly working on themed resort design projects for a number of years now - using our theme park expertise to create the experiential hotels and resorts of the future.

The growing demand for themed resorts continues to gather pace globally as both investors and guests see the potential of a fun-filled resort.

Using our expertise and learnings, we have compiled five must-have moments in a themed resort design to ensure success for all stakeholders and guests.

The entrance

The entrance of a themed resort design is important

It's not just about the doorway to the reception, the entrance to the resort starts on the road. What do the entrance signs look like on the roadside? How will our hotel be viewed from the windows of a coach? Do guests feel like they are entering another world by driving towards the drop-off point? This is the first impression of the guest, so make sure it is a good one.

Communal spaces

Great themed resort design relies on elevators and lobby areas too

From the hotel entrance, to the lobby, retail areas, corridors and elevators - they are all really important. Without consideration as to how these areas can also be themed and made exciting for the guest, results in the resort looking in-cohesive to the guest walking through. These deserve just as much attention as the play areas and the all-important suites.

Hotel suites

Themed resort design hotel suites are important

Whether the guest is staying in standard rooms, or VIP suites, everyone deserves to feel like they are immersed within the world of the resort. Guests are also wanting more than a basic themed experience of pictures hanging on the wall of their room. They expect to enter into the theme's narrative during their stay, with every room touchpoint reminding them of the world they are temporarily staying in.

Bars and restaurants

bars and restaurants in a themed resort design

We've all been on vacations where we need a quieter moment to relax. As part of our themed resort design thinking, we always strive to have these areas, especially in bars and restaurants. For resorts fortunate enough to have multiple F&B venues, we seek to create immersive dining experiences as well as toned down designs - giving the guest a choice on how they wish to spend their time eating and drinking.

Pools, waterparks and activities

swimming pools and water parks in a themed resort design project

In the eyes of the guest, the most exciting places in the resort encapsulate the theme in abundance. They expect unique pools, hyper-designed water slides, playful playgrounds where adults can join in too, and many activities to keep the fun rolling throughout their stay. Design in these places is also about the operational aspect. How do we make sure it feels immersive and exciting for all, whether the pool is both very quiet or very busy? An important consideration ensuring the experience is great 100% of the time.

Themed resort design experts

With over 20 years' experience of designing theme parks, visitor attractions and hotel resorts around the world, we have the experience and expertise to bring your themed resort to life. From new-build resorts, to existing hotels, we can help you design the hotel guest suites, waterpark and pool, bars, restaurants, activities, communal spaces and the all-important wayfinding and experience throughout the development.

To bring our themed resort design expertise into your next project, get in touch with our team today.

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