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A collaboration project to create the world’s first trackless horror dark ride where guests who dare enter Shadow Pines face a desperate fight for survival.


A collaboration between three world class themed attraction design and creation companies, TORCHLIGHT utilises the innovative Augmented Guidance Vehicle (AGV) as well as incredible interactive effects to create a horror theme park experience like no other. On the world’s first trackless horror dark ride, guests who dare enter Shadow Pines National Park will join a search and rescue mission that soon turns into a desperate fight for survival as they come face to face with a deadly presence lurking in the woods. No tracks, no guides and with an unrivalled acceleration within the industry, the 8-seater vehicles take guests on a leading-edge experience, that allows guests to participate in the story using their very own torch. Interactivity that will excite and enthral.



More than a visually-appealing concept, TORCHLIGHT has been built with operators in mind. Attraction layouts, capacity calculations and scope of work (SOW) have been developed for this unique and scalable opportunity.

With a recommended total cycle time of 6:00 minutes and maximum Theoretical Hourly Ride Capacity (THRC) of 1047 per hour, TORCHLIGHT dark ride is ready to implement in your park.


More information on the TORCHLIGHT concept, operations, commerciality and technology are now available to view in our downloadable Ride Pack. Fill out your details below to get a copy sent to your email address.

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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