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We worked with 8 of Merlin Entertainments, LEGOLAND® Parks worldwide to introduce guests to an amazing new brand activation, PLANET LEGOLAND.

We worked with our client The LEGO® Group to design and produce an activation that would match the Rebuild the World campaign’s aesthetic and values, whilst also creating a brick build experience across 8 LEGOLAND Parks. 

We collaborated with the local LEGOLAND® park teams to create a consistent brand experience across all sites. The Activation was launched at LEGOLAND Windsor, Billund, Deutschland, California, Florida, Malaysia, Japan, as well as the newest LEGOLAND park in New York.


With the help of the LEGO® Group, we immersed ourselves in the LEGO Rebuild The World brand campaign, taking time to fully understand the campaign’s goals, brand identity, key visuals, nomenclature and iconography. This allowed us to develop the initial concept of PLANET LEGOLAND and the general guest experience prior to developing the design further.

The experience was to include build tables for guests to engage in the activation, inspirational LEGO models and an interior and exterior design that matched the aesthetic of the Rebuild the World campaign.



Around the activation are a number of LEGO build tables where guests can create their own builds. Removable brick trays hold all the pieces guests need for their creation which they can select and use to build.

We designed a range of modular tables that each matched a specific theme (ninjas, vehicles, animals and pets, dragons, knights & princesses and Duplo). The tables were made from GRP with a modular steel structure to allow them to be connected, then wrapped in a graphic to match the theme.


The 2m diameter Planet LEGOLAND globe is the focal point of the attraction and added impact and guest excitement. Visitors are able to build their own models and apply them directly to this geodesic sphere. We worked with The LEGO® Group to design a globe that was pre-populated with builds to draw inspiration and interest, as well as leave enough room for guests to add their creations. To provide further inspiration for guests, we also created a number of new models that act as the centerpiece for each build table. Together with The LEGO® Group, we created a Tortoise with a rocket pack and wheels, a pirate airship powered by a light bulb, a surfing ninja dragon and a princess castle that twins as a rocket ship!



We worked with each of the 8 LEGOLAND’s individually to provide the same branded experience as its sister parks. In order to achieve this, we liaised closely with each park’s events team to understand the space, height, access, facilities and other essential aspects to allow us to create a branded design and layout. We created a graphic wallpaper design that fit the Rebuild the World brand whilst also ensuring a balanced theme park aesthetic could also be achieved – that would last in a high footfall, hands-on environment. Similarly, we had to create interior and exterior signage that worked for eight different buildings in very different climates and environments. Working with the parks and their local signage teams, the signage was designed, produced and installed, creating an eye-catching entrance to the activation that’s hard to walk past without visiting.


In order to give each activation a stronger ambience we designed and produced background music (BGM) aligning with the Rebuild the World campaign and to be played in the space. This whimsical, creative and playful soundtrack was added to aid guest’s imagination and inspiration as they created their builds. We then worked with each site locally to ensure they had the hardware required to play the BGM effectively. We also had a time-lapse video produced of the Globe being built by The LEGO® Group in a behind-the-scenes look at the creation.



In order to bring our designs to life, we worked directly with teams at each of the 8 LEGOLAND Parks. Close collaboration with each site locally was absolutely essential to allow us to understand the site’s parameters (whilst unable to travel due to Covid). We discussed all aspects of the design with the local teams to ensure they would work for the local market’s culture, language and desired footfall, whilst also working to ensure all design and production decisions were approved centrally by The LEGO Group. We coordinated with our trusted build partners to create the build tables and ensure they worked correctly with LEGO system bricks and the experience as a whole. We also worked alongside production facilities in Europe and the U.S to oversee the design and production of the Planet LEGOLAND globes and ensured they were successfully installed on site.

As part of the project, we also provided training and guidance to management and operations staff to install, assemble and facilitate the activation, ensuring a consistent brand experience for guests no matter which park they visit around the world.

"Working with Katapult to deliver our Rebuild The World Planet LEGOLAND® experience across LEGOLAND® Parks globally has been a pleasure. Katapult has done an exceptional job driving the project seamlessly from ideation through to execution, overcoming and responding to the many challenges faced during these difficult COVID times. We are very excited to have kids and parents getting creative at LEGOLAND Parks by unlocking their creative potential together via this high-quality hands-on experience."

The LEGO Group


The project resulted in 8 hands-on brick build activations with a consistent guest experience around the world. The activation has encouraged and nurtured creativity in LEGOLAND guests, which guides them whilst allowing freedom of expression in their builds. We’re thrilled to see both children and parents delight in these spaces around the world whilst taking pride that we launched numerous activations around the globe simultaneously during a global pandemic with great results.

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