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HB Leisure recently needed expertly created visuals of games for our most recent proposal. We have worked with Katapult since 2014 and we knew we could rely on Dawn and her highly competent team to provide us with exactly what we required to make a professional and outstanding impact on our potential new business. Following the brief, they ensured constant communication and vital quick response times to enable us to meet the strict deadline. We were extremely happy with the result, and would not hesitate to use Katapult’s services in the future.

Eddie Lehart

Operations Director, HB Leisure


How do you enable your client to win their Request For Proposals?

We have worked with HB Leisure for a number of years, during those years we have been tasked with helping them win new contracts and secure renewals. More often than not HB will come to us with a Request For Proposal (R.F.P.) and we will visualise concepts for a new space or attraction.


Each time we’ve worked with HB we’ve brought their ideas to life. We always start with a brief, whether that be for an update to an existing park, a pitch for a new attraction or a seasonal spruce to an arcade. It’s always varied.

We start by looking at the space, looking at the architectural plans, then work closely with the HBL team on understanding the layout of the space.

Then comes the most creative part! We have to theme the space. Sometimes we work with an IP, so we have to think how to bring a brand to life in the space provided, other times we create the theme completely from scratch – carnival themes, winter cabins, ghosts and ghouls, Bollywood – just a few of the concepts we have visualised.


We have provided HB Leisure with countless concepts and visualisations that have enabled them to not only win new contracts and retain existing ones but have seen our ideas become fully functional amusement spaces.

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