Picsolve, Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Picsolve - Thomas Land

Drayton Manor is a family owned theme park in Staffordshire, UK. In 2008 Drayton
Manor opened Thomas Land, a multi-million pound attraction boasting 12 themed
rides, indoor play areas and a themed shop for Thomas & Friends™ merchandise.

Thomas Land photo and video merchandise

The Brief

Drayton Manor needed a refreshed approach to the photography retail offering at their Thomas Land attraction. Retail units were dark, product placement was poor and the range of photo products needed expanding to be more appealing and engaging for young visitors.

Our client, leading leisure photography provider, Picsolve were appointed to develop a series of new themed photography and video merchandise for Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.

As Picsolve’s agency partner, we were tasked to work on the design and creative development for all Picsolve’s Thomas Land photo merchandise, as well as developing new designs for their retail units.

Thomas Land Driving Licences

Thomas Land Driving Licences 

As part of the new photography merchandise offering, we worked with the product development team at Picsolve to design a range of personalised driving licenses for Thomas Land’s younger visitors.

This included creating new exterior signage for the shop to make it more eye catching and appealing to children. Inside the shop, we developed designs for a photo wall, the other interior walls and retail kiosk to create an engaging and fun experience for families visiting Thomas Land.

Visitors can choose from 4 different types of driving license, each customised with their own name and photo. Driving licenses are supplied to young visitors in a lanyard to make a fun and memorable souvenir from their visit.

Thomas land driving licences kiosks
Thomas Land Green Screen GSX

Thomas Land GSX

We also developed an interactive themed video experience, using Green Screen (GSX) technology to allow Thomas Land visitors to star in their own episode of Thomas and Friends™. We worked with Picsolve to develop video content, themed backdrops and interactive elements which when put together, create a fun, interactive experience for young visitors and a unique and personalised souvenir to take home.

We also designed a retail kiosk, where guests can purchase their GSX video experiences from the day in DVD format. As well as developing the DVD case and disc design, we used a still background from the video experience to create a certificate. This is personalised to each visitor, placing their photo on a themed Thomas Land backdrop. Certificates can be supplied in a photo frame or stored in the Thomas Land Photobook product. Office

Thomas Land Photobook, Drayton Manor

Thomas Land Photobook

Having created a number of photo and video merchandise products for Thomas Land, Picsolve and Katapult were
then appointed to develop a premium photobook product which brings together the range of individual products
to create a personalised and high quality souvenir.

Products such as the driving licenses, GSX video certificate, ride photos and walkabout photos all have their own space in the photobook.

Thomas Land guests can purchase the photobook at any point during their visit and use it to compile the photography and video merchandise they had collected throughout the day.

Featuring interactive puzzles, games and quizzes, the photobook also acts as a boredom-breaker for children during periods of downtime such as lunchtime and the car journey home.