The London Dungeon Photobook

Picsolve - The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is a top London tourist attraction operated by
Merlin Entertainments. Featuring special effects, theatrical shows and
rides, the London Dungeon is an actor led interactive experience which
takes guests on a journey through 1000 years of London’s history.

The Brief

London Dungeons were looking to further integrate photography into the Dungeon’s guest experience. We worked with our client, Picsolve who are Merlin Entertainment’s photography partner at this top London attraction. We worked together on the design and creative development for a number of London Dungeons photo products.

Using innovative Grey Screen technology, photo points were installed at various stages of the guest’s journey to capture their experience through the Dungeon. New backdrops and overlays were created for a number of photo opportunities, including: A warrant for arrest, a boat ride to jail, in the stocks, the drop ride hanging and heads on spikes.

The London Dungeon

Alongside the introduction of the additional photo opportunities we developed a premium photobook product which brings together the range of individual products to create a personalised and high quality souvenir.

The photobook follows the chronological order of events experienced by visitors to the Dungeon, from encounters with Henry VIII to a close shave with Sweeney Todd. Designed as a ‘Survival Log’ for guests to relive their experience from the day, all photo options that guests can collect throughout the journey each have their own space in the photobook.

Tone of voice was vitally important, ensuring at all times content was relevant but with a cheeky twist that would engage with the target audience of 16-18 year olds and importantly, reflect the main brand theme of ’Scary Fun’. The detailed spreads were designed, illustrated and originated by the Katapult creative team.

Sales have increased since launching the Photobook and feedback from guests has been very positive with many comments about it being great value for money.