Crich Tramway Village

The award winning Crich Tramway Village is a unique family-friendly attraction in the Peak District and home to the National Tramway Museum, an independent educational charity, drawing its revenue from the trams themselves plus sales, donations and volunteers giving their time. 

The Brief

We were invited along with a small number of agencies selected by Crich Tramway’s marketing team, to tender for a website development project for the organisation.

The main aims for the new site were to improve functionality and increase engagement. They wanted the website to reflect a theme park atmosphere, moving away from the previous history museum-feel in order to attract more visitors and family groups.

The Crich Tramway Village website previously received an average of 26,000 views per month of which 16,000 were unique and 60% of users were previously spending less than 30 seconds on the site. 

User Experience Design Process

Assessing the types of guests that visit the Tramway Museum and the information they look at pre-visit was key in figuring out the user journey to best display information across the homepage and internal navigation.

The Tramway Village has a broad audience, with the majority being tram enthusiasts aged 35+. Therefore, the site layout and structure needed to be simple and intuitive with information placed where the guest would expect to find it.

Producing full user flows, wire frames and prototypes allowed us to show the client the full user engagement, ensuring the customer journey was fully mapped out before the design stage.

Website Development

We set out to create a revised look and feel to the site to make it more appealing to a wider audience. We also focussed on restructuring the site to make it easier to navigate and more user-friendly. This included making events, promotions and calls to action more visible.

The website was built using an Open Source CMS, Drupal, making it easy for Crich Tramway Village staff to update images and content. This also enabled us to improve social media integration helping to increase engagement and dwell time.

In the first month of the website going live, the average visitor duration had increased from the previous 30 seconds to 3 minutes - a 600% increase - and with more than 4 pages viewed per visit.

Crich Tramway website user experience
Crich Tramway visitor centre refurb

Guest Experience
& Visitor Centre Refurb

Following on from the success of the new website launch, Crich Tramway needed to enhance their physical presence in order to create a better atmosphere and improve the overall experience for guests. The old visitor
centre was plain and outdated, signage was unclear and it wasn’t very inviting.

After undertaking an on-site audit to assess the current infrastructure and define the visitor flow and visitor types coming to the attraction, we were able to identify key visitor touch points and a design style which reflected Crich Tramway’s family attraction and heritage centric brand values.

As well as developing new interior and exterior signage, we designed both interior and exterior vinyl wraps for the visitor centre building, using the style of a historical tramway station to inspire the look and feel.

Since opening in Spring 2014, the new visitor centre has made a huge improvement to the visual appearance of the attraction and has benefited the overall guest experience.

Crich Tramway visitor centre refurb
Crich Tramway visitor centre signage