Claxton Engineering - Katapult inbound marketing case study

Claxton Engineering

Claxton are a leading provider of offshore engineering solutions
to the North Sea and worldwide, specialising in drilling riser
systems, well abandonment equipment and structures.

Claxton Engineering brief

The Brief

Claxton Engineering were struggling to reach their audience online. Although they’d carried out some significant SEO work in 2013, Google updates and a lack of regularly updated content resulted in website traffic plummeting by nearly half, in less than a year.

As part of the Acteon group, Claxton approached Katapult having heard about the results we had delivered for their sister company, Mirage machines.

Claxton Engineering inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

We began working with Claxton to improve their online presence and developed an inbound marketing campaign across their website, blog and social media channels to increase traffic, generate leads and drive sales.

Having carried out initial buyer persona research to understand the needs of their customers, we began developing Claxton’s inbound marketing strategy.

Claxton traffic generation campaign

Traffic Generation

Initially, we focused on increasing organic search traffic through the development of a keyword
focused content strategy for the blog. 

We promoted the blog content across Claxton’s social media channels. Having identified LinkedIn as a key channel for Claxton’s audience personas, we supported the campaign with sponsored LinkedIn content to reach a specific range of target personas.

Claxton lead generation

Lead Generation

To improve on-page conversions, we also optimised Claxton’s landing pages and created a series of premium content offers to address their audiences’ needs at each stage of their decision making process. These included case study packs, eBooks and buyer guides.

We worked closely with the Claxton marketing team to track activity in their HubSpot marketing portal. This gave us a really clear view of which content and keywords were performing well, allowing us to tweak the campaign and ensure Claxton’s sales team received highly qualified leads and prospects.

Claxton Katapult inbound marketing campaign results

The Results

Since starting work with Claxton in August 2014, overall traffic has almost tripled, rising from an average of 4,000 visits per month up to nearly 12,000 in November, surpassing traffic figures for any of the other 19 companies in the Acteon Group, including the main Acteon group site.

Claxton’s search authority has also increased: the website and blog content now hold most positions on page 1 of Google for popular industry search terms.

Claxton’s social media audience has doubled within 6 months, primarily though LinkedIn content. Social is now Claxton’s forth largest traffic source, representing a 2500% year on year traffic increase from 2013.

Thanks to Claxton’s premium content offers, close to 150 new leads were generated in 2014, more than double than the previous year.

Claxton now have much more visibility of what buyers have engaged with throughout the process. The sales team can now use this intelligence to respond better to buyer’s needs, increasing the quality of leads and the conversion rate to sale.

Claxton Engineering feedback

What the client says

“Since starting the campaign with Katapult in August 2014 we’ve achieved record levels of improvement. Not only have we succeeded in becoming the top company in the Acteon group for online exposure and social audience growth, we can also directly attribute a substantial number of leads and opportunities to the campaign.”

Jamie Hall, Marketing Communications Manager, Claxton Engineering