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Campus Living Villages

Campus Living Villages (CLV) manage student accommodation in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Their on campus and student village locations are currently home to over 40,000 students globally, with 10,000 beds in the UK across 12 sites.

CLV Digital Survival Guide

The Brief

Upon moving into CLV accommodation, new students receive a Survival Guide which provides information they’ll need during their stay such as safety procedures, village rules and tips on student life.

CLV were producing a different version of the survival guide for each of their 12 sites, meaning it was hard to update and expensive to produce each year for 10,000 students.

The Survival Guide was also very content heavy, with over 40 pages of written information.CLV were looking for an engaging and interactive digital alternative, more suited to the way students prefer to consume content.

Digital User Insights - CLV

Our Approach

In order to ensure the new Survival Guide was engaging, interesting and informative, whilst also in a format that was easy to update for each of the different locations on an annual basis, we recommended a website based format.

As well as cutting out production costs, the web format would allow different sites to update their own sections independently with ease.

Interactivity was another key consideration, we wanted to introduce an element of gamification to incentivise students to access key content on aspects such as healthy & safety and community living. 

User Insights

Our starting point was to run an interactive user insights workshop with key members of the CLV marketing team and Village managers to build a clear understanding of the student audience and their information needs.

From this, we were then able to develop a content hierarchy, sitemap and desktop & mobile wireframes highlighting how the content should be structured and where calls-to-action should be positioned to signpost students to important information.

We also redrafted the existing Survival Guide content into a more digestable, engaging format more suitable for the web.

CLV Survival Guide Website Design

Survival Guide Design

Working to CLV’s brand guidelines we developed a fresh and vibrant look & feel for the Survival Guide using CLVs colour palette and font.

As part of the design process we also developed a series of character illustrations, designed to bring certain areas of the Survival Guide to life and to create engaging content. These were used across the site alongside new photography.

As CLV were already using Wordpress for their site and familiar with the content management system, we opted to use the same platform to build the Survival Guide.

Campus Living Villages - Digital Website Build

Website Build

Using our wireframes and designs, we built several mobile-optimised templates which were then populated with the relevant content, images and calls-to action

The subsequent content is then bespoke to each location. Through setting user permissions, CLV staff are able to edit the content on their Survival Guide, without affecting the other 11 Survival Guides.

CLV website development results

The Results

The Survival Guide was completed ahead of the September 2015 intake. So far, uptake has been good and feedback has been positive.

Unlike the old printed format, the new online Survival Guide has allowed the flexibility to update content throughout the year as needed. This flexibility has allowed the Survival Guide to become a resource that can be referenced throughout the year, rather than just at move in.

Similarly, the new format allows CLV to measure engagement with the content, and provide a target for improvement year on year.

CLV testimonial

What the Client Says

“Working with Katapult we were able to give new life to our Survival Guides, developing a website that was interesting and engaging. The Katapult team organised the large amount of content that needed to be conveyed, and structure it in a way that was easy to digest and navigate.

Despite a tight deadline, Katapult were able to completely overhaul our old Survival Guide and deliver a result that has received positive feedback and benefited our residents across our UK villages.”