Altius - B2B Inbound marketing case study


Altius specialise in improving supply chain performance and compliance, helping clients to manage vendors, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, providing insights and intelligence that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sourcing.

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Altius B2B website transformation

The Brief

The main focus of Altius’ existing website was to direct suppliers and contractors to Altius’ online assessment centre; the site made little impact in merchandising services, generating leads and driving new business.

With ambitious plans for growth, Altius approached us in 2015 to build and deliver a new sales and marketing strategy.

Website Development

We designed and developed a new conversion optimised website for Altius. This was focused on driving new business leads and strengthening Altius’ position as a supply chain compliance partner.

As well as a refreshed look-and-feel, the new site aimed to draw more attention to Altius’ core products and services, using benefit-led messaging aligned with content offers.

Altius, HubSpot case study, inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Alongside the development of a new website, we delivered an inbound marketing strategy to generate demand for Altius’ products and services.

This approach included the development of compelling content in such forms as eBooks, webinars and blogs to provide Facilities Managers and Supply Chain Managers with useful information and to build trust & authority in Altius’ brand.

As well as creating and merchandising content, we also managed social media and search engine optimisation as well as working closely with Altius’ PR agency on promotional activities to increase reach and coverage.

Altius facilities management inbound marketing campaign

Facilities Manager: Campaign Overview

After undertaking a buyer persona research workshop with the Altius team, we identified that one of our target audience’s key pain points was how to achieve continual improvement in their contractors’ performance.

As a result, we developed a campaign targeting Facilities Managers which included the development of various content to work alongside the new website and social media channels to generate leads.

Key Activities

  • Blogs and infographics designed to drive organic traffic
  • Premium content to convert website visitors to leads
  • Marketing automation to nurture leads to convert


  • Improving Contractor Performance with Compliance: A guide for Facilities Managers - eBook
  • Altius supply chain case study pack
  • 10 facts that will stagger the supply chain industry - infographic
  • Emails
  • Social media posts & social media cards
  • Blog posts
  • Paid advertising

Exigo Essentials: Campaign Overview

Following the launch of Altius’ new product for SMEs - Exigo Essentials - we worked closely with the Altius team to promote the software and drive subscriptions.

This innovative software solution is targeted at SMEs who struggle to manage their contractors’ compliance on a daily basis. Instead of focussing on traditional premium content, such as eBooks and case studies, we developed a strategy to generate leads quickly.

Key Activities

  • Blogs and website development, designed to drive organic traffic
  • Free demonstrations to convert website visitors to leads


  • Email campaign to contacts
  • Calls-to-action to promote software demo
  • Exigo website development
Altius case study - inbound marketing results


Altius’ inbound marketing activity started in late 2015; to date, the campaigns have delivered significant improvement across key sales & marketing metrics:

  • Monthly blog views have increased 300% since starting the campaign
  • Social media engagement increased by 30%
  • Social media new followers increased by 43%
  • Organic traffic has increased by 30% since the start of the campaign
  • Website leads have increased by 600% between Q3 2015 and Q1 2016
  • 40% of all website leads generated are marketing qualified