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TORCHLIGHT: New Dark Ride Experience Unveiled By Katapult And Simworx

A gripping, new horror dark ride experience has been unveiled by themed attraction designers Katapult, in collaboration with simulator ride manufacturer, Simworx.

Launched at Blooloop V-Expo, TORCHLIGHT: Search of the Forest will transport guests to a mysterious woodland where they are put in charge of finding out what has happened to dozens of missing people. The question is, who, or what, is responsible?

The dark ride’s narrative, concept and guest experience by Katapult, has been developed to coincide with Simworx’s Automated Guided Vehicle technology (AGV). The trackless ride system which is omni-directional, includes a 3 degrees of freedom motion base and vehicle acceleration of up to 2.4 metres per second, offers a unique experience to the market.

Speaking on the announcement of the collaboration project, Chief Creative Officer at Katapult, Phil Higgins said, “We are really excited about what we’ve been able to achieve already with Simworx. TORCHLIGHT is just one of two ride concepts that we have been working on to maximise the potential of the class-leading AGV technology.”

“This project has also allowed us to experiment and push the boundaries in terms of what a dark ride can offer. We’ve put considerable effort into developing ideas for the ride’s queue line, car design, soundscape and photo opportunity too, to develop a hyper-realistic experience that guests continue to gravitate back to for more.” Phil Higgins, Chief Creative Officer at Katapult

Simworx CEO, Terry Monkton said, “As a dark ride concept, TORCHLIGHT ticks all the boxes of creating an exciting, immersive and globally unique experience. We have been really impressed with Katapult who have spent considerable time with our technical team to fully understand the unique performance capabilities of our AGV and they have subsequently developed a fabulous dark ride concept that fully utilises these.”

“We look forward to working with Katapult, to showcase our combined design and manufacturing capabilities not just on this project but also in delivering live projects in the future.”

Further details of the TORCHLIGHT dark ride experience will be announced to a VIP audience later in the month.

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