Producing video and animations

Engaging video content that leaves a lasting impression

Engaging video content can make a big impact in presenting a compelling case for your brand to be seriously considered. Our talented and meticulous video team will work with you to create a video that meets your objectives, builds your brand, and develops a meaningful relationship with your audience.


Bringing products and services to life

Ditch the same old sales pitch – sometimes video just says it better. Whether you need motion graphics to visualise technical products, a 3D product fly-through, or a virtual environment building, we can help to make your products and services sing. Need help with enhancing existing video content for use online or at events? We can help with that too.


Create impact with animation

Sometimes, great animation just works best. For stories that need more telling and processes that need more explaining, animated videos may just be the thing for you. Our video team can also breathe life into old and existing video content with corporate idents, making your videos stand out from the crowd once again.

Enhance customer experiences 

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands in the leisure and entertainment industry, creating polished and engaging customer experiences. For visitor attractions and trade shows, we can implement POS, retail experiences, exhibition content and experiential videos to create a positive, profitable and lasting impact for your brand.

Endless possibilities

Beyond the usual applications, we can work with you on any digital innovation or product development associated with video and animation. This includes queue line engagement, VR 360 video, and projection mapping.

Give our 360° virtual reality video a try...Let's just say that Katapult HQ and the surrounding area look very different after we let our creative team loose on the project. 

The video is best viewed in Google's Chrome browser, or the YouTube app on a mobile device or tablet. Better still, try it in a VR headset; Google Cardboard works great.

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