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Creating meaningful and memorable brand moments

Integrate your marketing plans & campaigns with the physical environment to create unforgettable live experiences which people love. We'll help you drive brand activation, engagement and measurable results.

What is experiential marketing?

In a nutshell, experiential, or engagement marketing can refer to anything that you can physically interact with, The aim is to create a closer connection between your audience and brand through immersing them in fun, memorable experiences. 

How do we do it?

Well that depends on your goals, but ultimately we'll delve into your brand's personality and bring its story to life through a colourful combination of meticulous planning, impactful creative and innovative technology. Here are a few examples...

Experiential marketing services

Augmented and Virtual Reality

VR & AR technology offers a versatile and relatively cost-effective way to bring your products to life, attract and engage with visitors at exhibitions and events or even to augment and extend guest experiences at visitor attractions. 

Our virtual and augmented reality solutions can either be integrated with wider marketing campaigns or form part of a standalone brand experience. Both options provide a more convincing and relatable method of communication with your audience and can help foster long-term positive connections with your brand.

Augmented and virtual reality

Experiential marketing projects

Experiential marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, encompassing different mediums, technologies and tactics. Whether you're looking for a creative idea for your next campaign or have a project you need to bring to life, the best way to understand what we can do is to take a look at some examples.

Head on over to our portfolio to see some of our recent experiential projects.

Take a look
Experiential marketing case studies

Projection mapping

Take any common object or surface - could it be more eye-catching, more immersive, more distinctive? Projection mapping enables you to turn everyday objects and spaces into interactive 3D displays, allowing you to tell a story or create an unforgettable live experience.

There are numerous use cases for projection mapping. Some really effective projects that we've worked on include broadcasting an animated light show onto a stately home for a public Christmas event, and augmenting the guest experience at a private charity event venue. The possibilities are endless. 

Projection Mapping

Concept Development

The first stage of any new product development process is to share and get feedback on initial ideas from key stakeholders. The hard part is visualising those ideas into something tangible and relatable.

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands in the leisure and entertainment industry on some exciting and groundbreaking new projects and experiences. From producing 3D renders to crafting animated fly-throughs and user/guest flows, we help marketing and operations teams deliver compelling RFPs and presentations, using impactful creative to bring ideas to life and provide the wow factor.

Concept Development & 3D visualisations

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