Growing or Groaning?

Is your brand helping you to grow or holding you back?

Does your brand have a clear sense of purpose that is understood?
Does your market understand why you are different and better than your competitors?
Do people buy into your story and remember you for all the right reasons?

If you can answer all these and other awkward questions with a resounding ‘Yes’ then good for you. If not, we can help. To keep things simple, we offer branding in two flavours: Brand Projects and Brand Development.

Brand Projects

A fixed price package that includes everything you need to build a compelling brand that is ready to launch. Ideal if you’re looking to refresh an existing brand, communicate your USPs clearly or achieve greater consistency in the visual and verbal aspects of your brand.

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Brand Development

Bespoke brand development where the start and end points are driven by you. As well as creating or developing a brand, you could be looking to go to market with campaigns to build awareness, create engagement, generate leads and drive sales. Contact our Brand Director, Neil Perrott, to find out more about how we can help.

Outlook Expeditions Case Study

Under new ownership, Outlook Expeditions wanted to engage customers in a new and exciting chapter whilst reassuring customers that their core values remained.

Find out how we helped Outlook Expeditions to stand out in the marketplace and improve brand perceptions with a complete rebrand, new website and refreshed marketing materials.

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Outlook rebranding case study

Refreshing your brand

The extent of a refresh can vary. In some cases, some minor adjustment is sufficient; in others a much deeper re-engineering may be necessary. Whether a makeover, rebrand or something in between is required, we employ a strategic and creative approach to uncover the answers that deliver a relevant and in-touch brand that is clearly understood.

Building your brand

Good branding starts from the top down and so a clear sense of purpose is essential. We can help you to revisit the blueprint for your brand, build a strategy and define a clear positioning to provide a strong platform for communications and creative development.

Brand Guidelines

When it comes to execution, consistency is the key. This doesn’t mean that everything has to look the same; consistency can be delivered through content and tone as well as look & feel. We can help you to achieve this for your brand through the development of Brand Guidelines that give you flexibility and provide clear advice on execution to build a distinctive and recognisable brand. 

Brand Guidelines

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