Narrative Development


Every great experience starts with a story. Our Narrative Development helps develop an immersive story-based experience that will excite and engage your guests. We believe the best way to form a narrative is in five key stages. 1. Structure, 2. Theme, 3. World & Characters, 4. Plot and 5. Action.

Structure is required to tie the story together, the attraction and, if available, the licensed IP too. We start by undertaking extensive research to understand the existing guest experience and the operational flow. We also dig deep into audience research and key consumer trends to support our choice of narrative.

This research is then used to build the narrative structure. We then ask: Is this a linear experience with a beginning, middle and end? Is this an exploratory or discovery-based attraction? What sort of rhythm do we want to create to build atmosphere and immersion? Answering these questions ensures we align the narrative with the experience right from the start.


Even attractions with franchises or an existing franchise, require a narrative theme that gives the experience a purpose. We then build upon this theme by creating the world of the experience and how the characters, new or existing, will interact with guests within the attraction – as well as what role the guests play themselves.

We use our novel discovery sessions to find the greatest ideas, write character backstories and provide rationale that ensures the narrative continues to make sense within the attraction. It is here where we also work with clients to design new characters and brands to create a truly authentic experience.


How does the narrative unfold into a story of the experience? What do we want guests to do or experience and when? These are two key questions we ask to ensure the narrative matches what guests will experience in the attraction.

At this stage, we also consider the operational guest flow and how interactive elements to intrigue the eyes, ears, fingers, noses and even tongues of our guests, to create a unique storytelling experience.

We also create collateral, narrative briefing sessions and communication processes to enable all partners, suppliers and stakeholders to fully understand the narrative and empower them to work with it. This includes creating briefing packs and theme books, as well as offering narrative art direction and on-site vendor briefings.


Whether you want to inspire your masterplan vision, create a brand new attraction or rejuvenate an existing experience, narrative development is a great place to start as it provides:

  • Depth and a unique commercial proposition for your attraction
  • Briefing information for investors, media and stakeholders
  • A theme book ready to inform all subsequent briefs and specifications
  • A briefing guide for your teams, partners and supply chain
  • Coherent storytelling and immersion that your guests will love


Katapult design themed attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors globally. Speak to us today to see how we can work with you to create a unique narrative for your visitor destination.

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