Live Entertainment Production

Making live experiences happen

We ensure the production process of your live elements from the design stages through to supplier management and into production is seamless and offer an end-to-end solution from a knowledgeable and supportive team who understand your business and make it happen.

By looking beyond the design in the most creatively and commercial way, we ensure the transition is seamless into your live experiences by supporting you in key areas such as:

  • Tendering of Service & Vendour Partners
  • Delivery of Host DNA & Training
  • Character IP Training
  • Live Concept Development
  • Ongoing Operations Development
  • Maintaining Standards

Benefits for attractions

We design and bring to life effective live solutions specifically targeted to your guest, operational and staffing needs that are creatively engaging and deliver maximum guest experience touch points. Our Live Experience Concept Designs will help you benefit from:

  • Improved staff-led and overall guest experience
  • Enhanced internal team alignment
  • Increased dwell time, and therefore, increase spending
  • Increase brand, business and character affinity
  • Experiences to aid guest flow at busy and quiet times
  • Extended merchandise opportunities
  • Greater revenue as a result of implementations

End-to-end solution

The Katapult team are on hand to review and identify opportunities with your live experiences. Our previous work has seen us review and create live experiences for international resorts, themed attractions and directly with IP owners.

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