Our proven innovation and talent have allowed us to design the most original and immersive experiences in the world. We aim to amaze and deliver experiences that truly fire the imagination. We divide our services into four main sections.

Strategy & Insights

We ask the right questions, dig deep and gather the evidence to create a compelling and unique experience that guest love and gives you great results.

Discovery Day

With our clear, creative and action-oriented sessions, we help you build the offer your guests will love. It's the start of every brilliant brief.

Guest Experience Audit

Our Audit provides you with detailed insight into the thoughts, feelings and actions of guests at your attraction, highlighting areas of improvement.

Market Insights Report

Our Insights Report provides you with a clear outlook on market competition, core consumer profiles and identifying opportunities for growth.

Throughput Analysis

Our Throughput Analysis calculates the capacity and space of your prospective or existing visitor attraction, ensuring optimal guest experience.

Narrative Development

Every great experience starts with a story. We concept and write the narrative that engages your guests and ensures your attraction is memorable and unique.

Guest Flow Mapping

After our audit, we build the ideal guest flow - ensuring guests flow around retail, F&B areas and attractions, causing minimal operational fuss and having maximum fun!

Experiential Brand Development & Strategy

Our experience in both brand development and themed attractions means we're equipped to help you create new experience-based brands, or take your current brand into attractions.

Guest Experience Strategy

Our Guest Experience Strategy is the ideal spring board for your plans, investments and design and build briefs for your attraction over the next 5-10 years.
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Our creativity is the way we weave our magic in the world. We dream big, we believe, we are brave. We bring your vision to life.

Concept Design

Our big ideas create that wow vision of what is possible. As well as firing up your imagination, they have a practical use for RFPs and business planning too.

Brand & IP Design

We immerse ourselves in brand and IPs, understanding them almost as well as you. We develop experiential brands & original IPs and bring existing IPs to life like no-one else.

FEC & Attraction Design

We know what works in FEC & attraction design, and we ensure you get the very best in creative, layout, specification and launch. We create new FECs and re-imagine existing estate too.

Pop Ups & Event Kits

Create a buzz. We can help extend your footfall and season with unique event pop-ups and event kits. Layering on experience helps drive repeat visits, keeps your attraction fresh and has guests coming back for more.

Master Planning

For new and reimagined themed attractions, we undertake master planning to ensure from the start that creative concepts and operational flow work seamlessly together.

Themed Retail & Restaurants

Take the experience further with our designs applied to your F&B and retail. With our stand-out creations, guests have more fun, stay longer and spend more.

Schematic Design

Our technical design & specification ensures the details are right, and our design translates into reality seamlessly.

3D Visualisation & VR Walk-Throughs

With our 3D abilities we can realise your concept into an actual space, through modelling and create VR walk-throughs so we can immerse you in your attraction before it's even built.

Themed environments

We love to immerse guests in new worlds with detailed and fantastical theming. We create original theming ideas and total IP immersion.

Virtual Reality

We can give you a proof of concept before we build a brick; take a look in our VR headset to see for yourself. Every client who has experienced this has one thing to say - WOW!

Dark Ride Design

From narrative and storyboards, to 3D fly through animations and throughput capacity, we work alongside the world’s leading dark ride manufacturers to create immersive experiences for FECs and theme parks.
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Content & Media

We design and produce content that invites guests to leave reality behind and immerse themselves in your world.

Video & Motion

Amazing, informative and exciting video & motion graphics for dark rides, cinema experiences and immersive technology.

Projection Mapping

All we need is a surface, and we can design and build incredible digital content. It might be a stand-alone project to extend the seasonal reach of your attraction or a long-term installation that is at the heart of your experience, one thing's for sure, it will be jaw-dropping!

Augmented Reality

Overlay the real world with enhanced digital content. We can use it for gamification, bringing characters to life, fun explorations and even team it with geotagging to drive footfall to your site.

360 Video

We can make heads spin with our 360 visualisations, step inside your design and go explore!

Script Writing

We craft scripts for all types of content, weaving through character, plot and fun. We bring your story to life with every word.

Audio Design & Production

Sound gives drama and energy to any experience. We design and produce the effects, the voice-overs, the music that makes your attraction genuinely immersive.
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Executive Production

We make it happen. Every detail, every challenge, every decision is capably managed by our team of specialist Project Producers and executive level Project Sponsors.

Project Management

Our project producers have a hands-on approach to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible, and projects happen on time and to budget. While each producer has their own deep specialism, together they make one heck of a team!

On Site Art direction

We take our expertise to site, overseeing all creative build elements. We make sure any on-site challenges are answered dynamically and creatively, so your expectations are always met when you walk into that space.

Build & Install Supervision

We get the job done by managing the build process. Our robust processes and experience mean we keep on top of all the details and relationships.

Vendor Management

We have great relationships with vendors all around the world. Couple this with our responsive attitude and proven systems and you will get a smooth, well-managed client experience - even on the most complex projects.

Technical Specification

Exacting and detailed specification turns an idea into reality. From bills of quantities to drawing packs, we provide everything you need to get the dream built.

IP & Creative Guardianship

We champion your brand and your guests' expectations. With our guardianship, we ensure the decisions made are the right ones, that the end result is what works and your guests are wowed.

Quality Control

We think about the available space, operational flow, maintenance, services, access and all the other practicalities before installation so, there are no nasty surprises when it comes to implementation. From the big items, like ride design, to the handovers and staff training, it's all taken care of.
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