Approach & team

Katapult design themed attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors globally. Our work is enjoyed by 50 million visitors, at 81 attractions, in 18 different countries, every year. As well as increasing guest experience, we thrive on helping you generate more income, more fans and bring the vision for your attraction to life.

This is how we do it…

1. Exploration

We work out what’s possible, what will create the wow factor as well as drive results. We define guest flows, review research, audit site and agree what success looks like.
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2. Creation

We’ll delve into insights, discover possibilities with you and immerse ourselves in your world. Here’s where we write the narrative and develop the story, scope out the tech and create those amazing visual concepts.
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3. Production

This stage is all about making our concepts a reality. We develop the designs all the way through to build stage. We’ll specify and produce the build too or work with your partners.
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4. Activation

We’ll ensure you are ready for guests with comprehensive handovers, quality checks and launch plans. Every project has a review session too. We have your back all the way!


How many of these logos do you recognise? To say we’re working with a few global brands would be an understatement…


The talent crammed into Katapult HQ is bordering on insane.
From marvelous marketing minds to daring designers, we’ve got them loaded and ready to deploy!

Dawn Foote

CEO & Co-Founder

Phil Higgins

CCO & Co-Founder

Kelly Herrick

Creative Strategist

Rhianna McGonigal

Project Producer - Experiential

Jonathan Bonner

Project Producer - Build Specifier

Adam Booth

Project Producer - Themed Entertainment

Martin Enright

Concept Artist & Design Lead

Sarah-Anne Forteith

Concept Artist & Designer

Andy Gilmore

Guest Experience Design Lead

Robbie Jones

Insights Analyst Lead

Brendan Oliver

Interactive Producer

Andy Charlton

3D Design Lead

Fiona Barnes

Finance Manager


We’re creative, commercially-minded and always up for a chat. Get in touch with us today and let’s start talking about your next project.