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A recent study by HubSpot revealed that 80% of B2B buying decisions are completed before the buyer contacts potential suppliers. It should come as no surprise that consumers spend a significant amount of time online researching products, looking for solutions to their engineering problems or broken machinery issues, or wanting to upscale specialist machine parts.

Although some manufacturing & engineering businesses are still heavily reliant on cold calling and existing customers for driving new business, many are generating leads online by ensuring that their brands are visible and useful to prospective buyers at every stage of their purchase cycle.

 How we can help:

  • Developing a distinctive brand and building an engaging digital user experience
  • Increasing brand awareness and interest, generating leads and driving sales growth
  • Defining the buyer journey and strengthening your position in the purchase cycle by creating opportunities for engagement and conversion¬†
  • Content-led, industry-focused marketing to bring your expertise to life and differentiating your brand by setting the agenda and leading thinking in your sector
  • Marketing automation to reduce sales cycles and improve lead quality
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Driving traffic and generating leads for Claxton Engineering

Read our engineering success story

Find out how we helped Claxton Engineering turn an underperforming website into a lead generation success story

Download the case study to learn more about:

  • Using an inbound marketing apporoach
  • How Claxton tripled traffic and doubled leads
  • Increasing website conversions
  • The incredible return on investment Claxton achieved

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