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Introducing visitor attraction and theme park masterplanning from Katapult

Katapult has announced the addition of new services to undertake visitor attraction and theme park masterplanning projects. With over 20 years experience in the industry and proud design partners to some of the largest brands and visitor attractions in the world, the new masterplanning services adds to our tried and tested insights-driven design process.

Masterplanning from Katapult

For new and reimagined themed attractions, we undertake masterplanning to ensure from the start that creative concepts and operational flow work seamlessly together. We offer seven key services to make this happen.


We’ll help you define short and long term development strategies as part of the masterplanning project.


A varied experience mix is critical to an effective masterplan. We’ll help you find the right balance.


Whether it’s a single-site Family Entertainment Centre or a multi-land Theme Park, we’ll find the most effective layout for your experience offerings.


Our team will bring your vision to life through renderings and overlays.

Interactive plan

An interactive masterplan will allow your team and investors to explore the environment in detail.

VR environment

Step into a world of possibility. We can deliver your vision in Virtual Reality where you can experience the design as your guests will.

Flythrough video

We’ll help you deliver the ‘Wow!’ with a dynamic flythrough of your future site.

Our Approach

Katapult create and design themed attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors globally. Our work is enjoyed by 50 million visitors, at 81 attractions, in 18 different countries, every year. As well as increasing guest experience, we thrive on helping you generate more income, more fans and bring the vision for your attraction to life. This is how we do it:

For more information and to hear more about our approach, get in touch with the team today to find out more and to discuss your next visitor attraction or theme park masterplanning project.

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