Royal Shrovetide football branding concept

The countryside town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire plays host to the game of Shrovetide Football, which is believed to be the birthplace of the game we know and love today. Tom, one of our creatives was born and raised in Ashbourne and noticed the game had not been properly branded: A lot like other sports, there's usually a clear brand identity associated with it, such as the premier league or six nations rugby. Tom decided to give this amazing event its own personality and prestige it deserved.

The concept takes inspiration from the Ashbourne town crest and local sporting teams, and aims to introduce a more modern approach to the design, whilst still retaining the traditional elements which make Shrovetide so iconic.

Design by Tom Porter, Animation by Adam Davies

About the game:

Shrovetide consists of a minimum of two games, one on Shrove Tuesday the other on Ash Wednesday. Teams are defined by where you are born. If you were born North of the river Henmore, which divides the town,you're an Up'ard, if you're born south of the river then you are classed as a Down'ard.

The team who scores the iconic Shrovetide leather through the goalposts (three miles away from the start) first is declared the winner and rewarded with the leather.