Made By Us For You

'Made by us for you' was a team project to deliver an engaging Christmas campaign and give something back to our valued clients.

The project utilised a wide range of our skills: We tasked Dan, an ex-chef, and designer at Katapult with cooking up his best chutney recipe. We wanted to capture the whole production process from the cooking to art direction, editing, product design, website design and much more.

We chose chutney, not just because a tree in Neil's garden produced an abundance of delicious apples, but because it was a great Christmas present and tasted amazing when spread on cold turkey. It was a great way to demonstrate the skills we have here at Katapult, most clients didn’t realise how much went into delivering a project like this.

The project involved; filming on location, editing, music, branding, packaging design, website design and digital marketing – oh and chutney making of course!