How to unleash the power of narrative in visitor attractions

Every great experience starts with a story.

Whether you want to inspire your masterplan vision, create a brand new attraction or rejuvenate an existing experience, narrative development is a great place to start as it provides:

  • Depth and a unique commercial proposition for your attraction
  • Briefing information for investors, media and stakeholders
  • A theme book ready to inform all subsequent briefs and specifications
  • A briefing guide for your teams, partners and supply chain
  • Coherent storytelling and immersion that your guests will love

The Katapult team have recorded a 30-minute webinar to explain Narrative in more detail and introduce the ‘5 Chapters Of Narrative’ methodology. To watch the webinar for free, complete the contact form below.


Complete the contact form to watch our 30-minute Narrative webinar.

Narrative Webinar
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Insights Analyst Lead at Katapult. He works on providing data-driven audience and market trends, as well as operational insights, to assist the client and design team in creating immersive, commercially-successful experiences. Robbie has over 10 years' experience in the leisure and tourism industry and has worked with iconic brands, theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor attractions around the world.