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Google Pix great guest experience to launch new phone

Google have become world beaters on two counts, we think of them as the hottest names in software and technology, but we also think of them as creators of amazing spaces. Who wants to work in the Google offices? *All hands raise*

So I suppose it wasn’t really any surprise that Google raised the level for the promotion of their latest smartphone. Well, I say raise the level, it was actually three levels.

Google’s Curiosity Rooms on Regent Street in London has been set up to launch their new smartphone, the Google Pixel 3, and also spark curiosity in the footfall of Regent Street.

Are you curious to find out what it was like? And why was it so good? In this blog we’ll give you an insight.

Google Pixel 3 Curiosity Rooms on Regent Street in London

Look at life through a new Lens

Google’s Curiosity Rooms allowed the visitor to look up from their phone

Three floors of 55 Regent Street were open for anyone to unlock their curiosity. The obvious promotion here was the Google Pixel 3, but there was another product that was subtly promoted. Only by truly unlocking your curiosity (ie. talking to people) would you find that Google have recently launched a new app called Lens – which allows you to take images of stuff and Google will tell you what it is. And by using this app in the Rooms would you be able to find little secrets.

Hashtag everything

How many hashtags did you spot at the Curiosity Rooms?

Never underestimate the power of a strong brand message. Whilst the visitors were caught up in all that was amazing about Google’s Curiosity Rooms, it might’ve been easy for them to forget that this was all promotion. But Google made sure they got their name in every nook and cranny they could. Literally. On the stairs, on the tables, on the exposed concrete, on the floor, on the t-shirts, on the coffee. It became a game in the end “who can spot the hashtags.”

Free stuff, we like free stuff

Maybe I should’ve started with this. This whole event was FREE. Anyone can visit. Anyone can slide down the Google slide or take a selfie in a car wash, and it wouldn’t have cost you anything.

“Being truly authentic allows you to be truly original” – Amelia Dimoldenberg

We attended a FREE talk by “Chicken Shop girl”

They even hosted free talks by celebs and experts in the tech world (you had to sign up online beforehand). I attended a talk by Amelia Dimoldenberg, YouTuber of Chicken Shop Date fame, who raised a very good point about authenticity leading to originality (something that we talk about all the time). And during the talk, I got free drinks and popcorn whilst I watched!

And when I showed the coffee shop my new Google Pixel 3 phone they gave me a free coffee!

The way to a millennial’s heart? Free food and drink.

The Curiosity Rooms were only open until 16th December, which was the perfect FOMO inducing tactic for visitors to spread the word.

Using Google’s new app, Lens, you could find little secrets in the Curiosity Rooms

What struck me was that this exhibition was clearly set up to promote a new piece of hardware, and a new piece of software. Very futuristic. Some people argue technology is taking us away from social interaction, and having a negative impact on our lives. But what this exhibition allowed the visitor to do was put down the technology, speak to people, ask questions, be mindful, live in the moment, and be curious. If you didn’t allow yourself to put the phone down, you would’ve missed the event.

If this blog has sparked your curiosity in wondering how Katapult could enhance your guest experience, then you’re welcome to contact us.

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