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Google Pix great guest experience to launch new phone

Google have become world beaters on two counts, we think of them as the hottest names in software and technology, but we also think of them as creators of amazing spaces. Who wants to work in the Google offices? *All hands raise*

[FROM GOOD TO GREAT] Derby Museums goes retro with a 1980s style arcade

Earlier this year we told you about a whole new audience that is being created in the heritage sector, through the invention of Museum Lates. In our own city, Derby, the local library is adopting this culture. For one weekend only Derby Library became a 1980s style arcade.

The Best Guest Experience Trends of 2018

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and never more so than when we are trendspotting! We’ve taken a look back over the year of guest experience design and have hand-picked our top trends of 2018.

10 of the best interactive museum exhibition ideas for curators

10 of the best interactive museum exhibition ideas for curators

A blog for museum curators - you understand the importance of an interactive experience - they help educate and make for a more enjoyable experience. Here's 10 great examples.

[IAAPA IAE18] The Big Themes

This year saw the biggest IAPPA IAE show ever. It was truly enormous, both in size and in ambition. As always Katapult were in the thick of it and in this blog we will give you some of our highlights on the big themes at the show.

[IAAPA IAE18] What the inspirational women leaders of Disney have to share

I attended a session at IAAPA's IAE in Orlando today that delivered on the inspiration promised in the session title "Inspiring Women of Disney Parks". What was odd (and refreshing) is that Micky & Minnie didn't get a look in. Apart from a very few brief references to the parks and characters, these women simply talked about being leaders.

Experiences will drive footfall in shopping centres, not brands

The BBC broke the story of "shopping centres in crisis" on the 1st November - maybe publishing a day before, on Halloween, would have been more apt. Experts say, "the demise of "major anchor stores" such as BHS and Toys R Us and the rise of online shopping has caused a downward spiral." So what should shopping centres do to maintain and increase footfall?

How to terrify four generations of Halloween fans

Being scared is a human instinct, built into our DNA and altered by the things we are exposed to. We’ve taken a look at the four main generations of fearful fans and how their personal life and exposure to spooky stuff affects the types of Halloween events they’re looking to attend…

5 Halloween events you probably aren’t aware of

Okay so you’ve taken the kids Trick or Treating for like 7 years in a row, or maybe you’re now too old to go Trick or Treating yourself. Not up for a Halloween themed night out in town, or has no one arranged a Halloween party? In this blog, we show you 5 Halloween events you probably weren’t aware of…

5 Times FOMO sent twitter into meltdown

5 times FOMO sent Twitter into meltdown

FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out) is a genuine psychological issue, but its also a tool used by marketers. We take a look at the times the internet has frozen due to FOMO, and look at how you could replicate it.

How to capitalise on the scarrrry reach of Halloween by understanding the rhythm of fear

Katapult share some truly gruesome ideas for you to use during Halloween and explain the peculiar rhythm of fear. Read on, if you dare….

How to build suspense in the leisure and attractions industry

How to build suspense in the leisure and attractions industry

Halloween is synonymous with suspense and is embraced globally, in various different guises. The UK market has seen as a significant increase in spending on the 'holiday', which shows a greater appetite for attractions and venues to host Halloween-themed events. We share out top tips on creating suspense.