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What do guests remember most from visitor attractions?

Learn about The Serial Position Effect of visitor attraction guests and how this psychological theory will make you think twice about your 'memorable' attraction.

Top 20 Kids Theme Park Competition Entries Revealed

We are excited to reveal our top 20 entries to our Theme Park Designer competition for kids. Take a look at their ride drawings and descriptions.

Katapult Wins Award for Derby Market Place Project

We are proud to announce that we have won an award for our Derby Market Place project at the Mainframe Awards 2021.

The Katapult Team’s Top Visitor Attraction Memories

To celebrate the re-opening of visitor attractions in England, the Katapult team has shared their most memorable attraction experiences.

Katapult’s Phil Higgins joins BALPPA Management Committee

We are delighted to announce that our Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Phil Higgins, has been voted onto the BALPPA Management Committee.

Calculating the Money Value of Time at leading attractions

We've studied the Money Value of Time (MVT) of leading attractions in the UK & Europe to see how they rank.

Creating immersive IP Attractions for clients around the world

We continued to be relied upon by the largest IPs in the attractions industry to create immersive experiences. Here's examples of IP attractions we've created globally.

Katapult Launch Theme Park-Inspired Homeschooling Workbook

Katapult have launched a new theme park-inspired homeschooling workbook to aide studying under Lockdown.

President Biden’s Inauguration: Designing Guest Experience in Times of Challenge

Despite the pandemic, the inauguration of American President Joe Biden, was still a great spectacle. We delve inside the event's design.

5 examples of Nature Connectedness in visitor attractions

As humans seek a deeper relationship with wildlife, examples of nature connectedness in visitor attractions.

How we use VR to design themed attractions and experiences

Discover how we have embraced virtual reality to create our themed attraction designs in 3D environments first.

10 pop-up experience ideas for visitor attractions in 2021

With social distancing likely to remain in place for 2021, we have compiled 10 pop-up experience ideas for visitor attractions to implement.