What next for Gaming IPs in the leisure and attractions industry?

Gaming IPs have both flourished and failed in a theme park. So what next for an industry with over 600 million active console gamers worldwide?

Katapult joins Blooloop Top 50 panel

Katapult joins Blooloop Top 50 panel

Katapult CEO and Co-Founder Dawn Foote, will join the judging panel for The Blooloop 50 Theme Park Influencers List.

What we learnt at BALPPA Summer Conference 2019

A week of sunshine greeted us in Portsmouth for the BALPPA Summer Conference 2019. What did we learn when we experienced the best attractions in the area?

Are museums ready to push to create more engaging visitor destinations?

The hum and buzz at the Museums and Heritage Show in London this week (15th -16th April 2019) was a testament to an industry in evolution. So, what is changing?

The rise of ‘eatertainment’ and inspirational examples to try

The underground trend for ‘eatertainment’ in creative and hungry cities has reached the surface. Pushed up by an Instagram generation obsessed with foodie photos and a desire for multi-sensory immersion, the trend of ‘eatertainment’ is gathering pace quickly.

From day-trip to vacation destination: The rise of theme park resorts

While theme parks continue to work hard to increase footfall, naturally, park owners have realised that to increase revenue they have to keep guests there for longer. A simple equation but not so simple to execute.

How much are theme park guests willing to spend?

We’ve taken a look at the latest statistics revealed by IAAPA to see what theme parks guests are currently spending.

Top 10 most popular attractions used in FECs

IAAPA has recently completed the most comprehensive research reports into FECs. 133 centres surveyed were asked questions based on their visitor numbers, spend and dwell time. But what is keeping visitors engaged and spending money? We’ve listed the top 10 most popular attractions currently being used by FECs and looked into their future successes.

What Might Will Happen In Leisure And Retail In 2019

Trends are normally forecasts by those not quite in the know. So deep routed in the leisure and retail industries, we know these things are going to happen in 2019. Feast on our expertise and insight...

10 of the best interactive museum exhibition ideas for curators

10 of the best interactive museum exhibition ideas for curators

A blog for museum curators - you understand the importance of an interactive experience - they help educate and make for a more enjoyable experience. Here's 10 great examples.

Experiences will drive footfall in shopping centres, not brands

The BBC broke the story of "shopping centres in crisis" on the 1st November - maybe publishing a day before, on Halloween, would have been more apt. Experts say, "the demise of "major anchor stores" such as BHS and Toys R Us and the rise of online shopping has caused a downward spiral." So what should shopping centres do to maintain and increase footfall?

How to terrify four generations of Halloween fans

Being scared is a human instinct, built into our DNA and altered by the things we are exposed to. We’ve taken a look at the four main generations of fearful fans and how their personal life and exposure to spooky stuff affects the types of Halloween events they’re looking to attend…