The Best Guest Experience Trends of 2018

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and never more so than when we are trendspotting! We’ve taken a look back over the year of guest experience design and have hand-picked our top trends of 2018.

[IAAPA IAE18] The Big Themes

This year saw the biggest IAPPA IAE show ever. It was truly enormous, both in size and in ambition. As always Katapult were in the thick of it and in this blog we will give you some of our highlights on the big themes at the show.

[IAAPA IAE18] What the inspirational women leaders of Disney have to share

I attended a session at IAAPA's IAE in Orlando today that delivered on the inspiration promised in the session title "Inspiring Women of Disney Parks". What was odd (and refreshing) is that Micky & Minnie didn't get a look in. Apart from a very few brief references to the parks and characters, these women simply talked about being leaders.

How to capitalise on the scarrrry reach of Halloween by understanding the rhythm of fear

Katapult share some truly gruesome ideas for you to use during Halloween and explain the peculiar rhythm of fear. Read on, if you dare….

Katapult's top tips for a brilliant IP partnership

Katapult’s top tips for a brilliant IP partnership

Following Katapult's recent visit to BLE (Brands Licensing Europe) we lend our advice on getting the most out of an IP partnership.

Katapult blog how authenticity sells lessons from the canoe man header

How authenticity sells: Lessons from The Canoe Man

We talk a lot about experience here at Katapult. Research shows that people are spending more time and money on experiential activities and less on actual stuff, we even have a name for this new phenomena The Experience Economy. People value quality time, from LARPing to family days out, chilling in the countryside to riding the latest roller coasters. Whatever the format the experience has to be authentic.

Brand becomes Experience: The big three challenges & solves to creating stand-out guest experience

I often smell fear in the air when I talk to marketers about guest experience. Why is that? What are the big blocks you need to overcome to create an amazing, commercial and unique guest experience for your brand?