Insights Driven Design For Visitor Attractions

Most people would say that creating stand-out visitor attractions is more art than science – and yet, the benefits of using guest insights to inform great design is a powerful, and an often overlooked tool.

Future-proofing leisure investment by creating a unique destination

Here's 10 tips to ensure your leisure investment is future-proofed and creates a unique destination.

President Biden’s Inauguration: Designing Guest Experience in Times of Challenge

Despite the pandemic, the inauguration of American President Joe Biden, was still a great spectacle. We delve inside the event's design.

What the vegan trend can teach us about attractions

This blog, written by Kelly Herrick, originally featured on Blooloop. Veganism, or plant-based living, is on the rise. In fact, the vegan trend has grown sevenfold between 2014-2019 according to Google trends and a successful Veganuary has just finished.

The beauty of JOMO: Stop entertaining me, I’m trying to have fun

This blog, written by Kelly Herrick, originally featured on Blooloop. Being over entertained, overstimulated and forced to take part is turning our guests off in their thousands. But we know best right? Wrong. The consumer we’re used to is changing, and it’s happening fast.

The biggest challenge facing the attractions industry is a lack of operators

This blog, written by Kelly Herrick, originally featured on Blooloop. During 2019 I have spoken to numerous IPs, brand owners, retailers, estate owners, property developers and investors. They all want to develop their location based entertainment offers. In fact, some of these people are crying out for more leisure attractions and yet the lack of operators is putting a stop to this growth.

A new day is dawning for retail and leisure [Katapult at MAPIC 2019]

For 2019 MAPIC introduced a Leisure Day for the first time. Katapult were there to learn the latest in retailtainment.

Lunching and Learning in Paris [IAAPA Expo Europe 2019]

Now the hubbub of IAAPA Expo Europe has subsided we can look back on the key themes and learnings from the show. Kelly attended a couple of the Lunch & Learn events, one discussing the future for the French market and one exploring EMEA. Both were fascinating and showed opportunities for real development in their regions. Here’s what she took out of the seminars:

Katapult launch immersive queue line experience at Ireland’s top theme park

Katapult has redesigned a new, interactive queue line experience at Ireland’s top theme park, Tayto Park, for their water-flume ride, Viking Voyage At The Park.

How to create an Instagram worthy venue

Being Instagrammable is now a big deal for themed attractions, location-based entertainment, retail and hospitality. But how do you go about it?

Dubai; Dynamism, DEALs and Destinations

Our recent trip to Dubai unleashed a whole host of experiences. Our visits to the Middle East are always intriguing - things move so fast in the region. So, here’s the lowdown on what caught our attention last week at the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (or DEAL for short).

Are VIP passes affecting guest happiness?

Are fast passes and VIP streams affecting your guests' happiness? And what can you do to create happiness for all? The recent findings by Meik Wiking in The Little Book of Lykke show that when people feel a sense of inequality it has an adverse effect on their happiness.